Monday, March 1, 2010

My immoral day

The watch isn’t even 3 pm yet and I’ve already gotten myself drunk and done lots of wicked things. Among those I have bought tobacco to a minor, jail-walked, pointed a middle finger at a police station, had wicked thoughts about high-school girls that walked past me and I’ve swallowed lots of moonshine.

Why? Well, it is Monday and I felt like it.

In the righteous world of the elite this sort of behavior shouldn’t be allowed which is precisely why I love it. Anyone (and most do) can get drunk on the weekend and pick up some stranger to roll around with. Me, I never got that lifestyle. Too expected, too common, too boring.

If you only get one life, which I believe you do, why behave and act like everyone else?

Maybe it’s juvenile acts by a middle aged man, pathetic even. But you see, I don’t care. In a way this is what libertarianism really is; to act, behave, think, and do whatever you feel like without worrying about some common ethic guidelines.

No, I’m not talking about anarchism. But in my opinion and in a libertarian society people should be able to act out their impulses, be out of the norm, dance on the street in mid day or suddenly burst into song, and this without getting fined or having a police officer bring out the teargas. Libertarianism isn’t a lawless ideology; it is just the ideology of freedom of choice.

I try to live as much as I can, in the way I feel appropriate. If this offends anyone, that’s their problem, not mine. As long as I don’t threaten, hurt anyone or break any property laws I believe I can do whatever with my own body and my own time.

The powers that be hate people that think like this, it’s their worst nightmare to have free thinking people that want to control their own minds and body. That’s also why it is important to ignore general ‘moral’ behavior, but, as said, I don’t really care. If you drones out there what to run in that wheel, please do, just don’t expect me to do the same.

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