Wednesday, February 10, 2010


At the same time as killed Swedish soldiers touched down on home soil and their true killers, those sitting at parliament still are free to walk around, people in Iran are chanting "Allah o Akbar", (God is Great) in the night before the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

The Middle East is a large battle ground at the moment and tomorrow the people of Iran are set to attend massive national gatherings to commemorate the revolution. Not that I particularly supported that revolution, but hopefully it can fuel protests tomorrow as well as pictures like this of Neda:

To no surprise it appears that Internet connections in Iran are apparently grinding to a halt ahead of upcoming anti-government protests. Officially, the Iranian government is blaming it on the fact that "part of the fibre-optic network is damaged."


Ever wondered why your own government wants to control, regulate and tax internet? Well, this one large reason, the other one is of course to control our mindset and the information flow in general.

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