Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Bubble Bobble game

Before reading, press play:

The signs and the math cannot be clearer; we are in the bubble of all bubbles, the mother of all inflated balloons ever seen.

When the markets crashed back in the spring of 2009 it was the bursting of several bubbles that lead to that situation. Very cheap credits in combination with artificially low interest rates and government intervention on many key markets had since the bubble crashed propped up markets to ridiculous levels. Debts had soured, wars had been fought, government entities like Fanny and Freddie had committed fraudulent deals, derivatives had emerged as the new thing, banksters had fooled markets, and Wall Street had got drunk - and so on.

And what did our saviors do to stop everything from crashing down?

They started up the printing presses in order to throw trillions out to financial institutes, they lowered interest rates down to zero, and they borrowed trillions from each other to spend, spend and spend. They bailed-out failing companies (carefully chosen ones…), they went out together to urge everyone to take out their money, raid that piggy and borrow like never before so people could be buying stuff again. All in all they sort of ‘succeeded’, and with that I mean they managed to inflate the bubbles one more time.

The crisis was temporarily diverted, but now the debts are bigger than ever before, the commando currencies has never been shakier, markets are overvalued by as much as 50%, housing prices have been going up in most countries when they should be going down, protectionism haven’t been this bad for many decades and inflation have started to tick away.

The hero of this cornflake-induced economic idiocy, Robert Mugabe, knows what’s next, but the question is; do you?

In the meanwhile our banksters are throwing bonuses around like nothing has happened. The criminals of the banking cartels should in many cases stand trial, but instead their actions are expectant by political decisions while the same politicians officially are saying they will crack down on the same bonuses they themselves have been encouraging. And most of you sheople out there seem to be buying this hoax.

In the end the math doesn’t tell lies.

The fundamentals aren’t sound, wealth creation is on its way down and the mother of all bubbles has been inflated to a point of no return. We’re facing a depression on such a scale that we will need to look in the book of revelations to find proper adjectives. Tens of millions of people will die from starvation, riots and civil unrests, and that’s only the first stage. The crashes that will occur sooner than you think will dwarf anything ever seen on this planet.

Are you prepared?

If not, take a look at Greece or Iceland, that’s what’s in store for most of the world but on a much grander scale.


  1. Hej,

    jo, det är inte bara du som menar att snart spricker den största bubblan, le grande finale så att säga...

    Kan du inte specisera i några exempel på hur detta kommer verka i samhället, tex sverige. kan du komma med ett par konkreta scenarior, utan att bara rabbla hur illa det kommer bli. gör en hypotetisk modell av dina insikter...


    mvh global

  2. Har kluddat ner sånt tidigare, hade inte riktigt tid med det när jag skrev denna post. Kommer en mer utförlig grej över Sverige längre fram, har mest fokuserat mig på UK, Japan och USA eftersom det är högst troligen där det smäller först.


    det smäller nästan samman överallt den gången -därför swift lagen snabbas på och avindustrialisering tuffar för att snabba på ekonomisk globalt grande kris, polisstat stäks och internationell polisstyrka färdigt- när i ryssland 1991 var maktshifte mot oligarhi så israelisk-usa militär privat styrka var på varje tak met krypskyter. Fema camp i US vänta på första slavar efter detta bli införd terror i varje land en sftert den andra