Friday, February 5, 2010

I understand Russia

In what the Russian president Medvedev calls "The New Russian Defence Doctrine", a program of sweeping reforms is set to be completed by 2020. While a massive modernization of Russia's nuclear strike capability is given headline treatment, the really significant changes affect other aspects of the military structure.
The new doctrine is prompted, at least in part, by three fears; none of which involves a hypothetical war with Nato. No one in Moscow believes such a war is even remotely probable (even though several Swedish papers are writing about it…).

Under the new doctrine, Russia's armed forces, now numbering almost two million, will be cut by almost half. Instead, there will be a massive increase in modern equipment.

As a Swede and consequently a part of the country that historically speaking been warring with Russia more than anyone else, you might assume I would regard this is a threat or ’changed’ form of threat, but then you would be wrong.

And yes, for those out there that don’t know it, Sweden and Russia are old adversaries and had fought many wars long before the US even was a country. Won some, lost some, over time pretty much a tie.

Anyway, I can see many advantages with this for Russia. They need to modernize their defenses, and who would be stupid enough to attack a nuclear country anyway? And both conscription and scorched earth tactics have to a large extent become obsolete.
So this is good for Russia, but I would also argue it is a good thing overall. Let me explain.

NATO have also played out its part, a reasonable thing would be to scrap that thing as well, but as long as American president insists in expanding the western war-machine I think it is good that someone is “in the way”, or dare to oppose it in some form. And you cannot blame Russia for feeling a bit threatened by the constant ever closing in NATO thingies. Especially since the only warring fraction in the world at the moment is mentioned defense pact.

For Sweden this should mean that we increase military spending slightly to be a step ahead of Russia and to keep ourselves far away from the American led coalition of warmongers. This will never happen of course, our politicians rather thrown our money at useless projects and give money to causes like the rehabilitation of murderers. And let’s not forget politician’s salaries and the hundreds of billions we give to banks. Much more important than to defend the country.

The only slightly worrisome part of this "The New Russian Defense Doctrine” is that Medvedev have spoken about pre-emptive war as an integral part of the new doctrine. From the US example we know what this could mean…


  1. Big major scandal and government cover up!

    The Russian dumps chemical and nuclear waste on Swedish territory.

    Original source:,a1364145,1,f,-1/pb,a1364142,1,f,-1/pl,v,,1874961/sb,p103536,1,f,-1

  2. Bravo Russia -
    Ananst NWO slavery
    (you muast read more ebout this doc. sv newspaper not get all)

  3. Finally a sober person commenting on Russia - Sweden, or Russia - NATO relations.
    Many, and in particular those loyal to the superpower, claimed that Russia was sensitive, over-reacting and paranoid with respect to NATO expansion eastwards.

    Could be! But the Georgian attack on russian peace-keeping forces changed the whole logic. Georgia did attack, despite resistance from USA-loyal media to admit it. Furthermore, which country did train the Georgian officers and flew them in back to Georgia before the attack. Which country has financed Georgia the last years etc and so on. Finally, which country did not answer the phone when the russian foreign ministry called on the evening of the attack?

    Hence, USA was at least completely aware of the attack, if not arranging it. Conclusion: NATO proved to be everything the paranoid russians said it was, namely an organisation to attack russia. Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

    Sweden must draw its conclusions from this together with Finland and tell EU to launch a new policy towards Russia, e.g. challenge Russia on openess by opening up Europe! That Sweden should tell NATO to change policy seems to be a waste of time considering NATOs aggressive agenda......

  4. "Boys, boys, boys", by Sabrina fits perfectly. Full of adrenaline and testostherone. With warrying degrees of IQ and EQ. All proving and defending the tribe, regardless the size of the tribe. "You wanna attack my tribe, well look at this defense strategy!".
    Wake up gentlemen, from east to west and round and round. They are games of childish character, with real consequences.
    Want to run on sand and practice invading a coastal area? Jump out into the fields and hand pick potatoes in the fall.
    Want to feel important in tie and fine cotton suits? There is no remedy for you, I am sorry.

  5. never thought about it in this way, I thank you for expanding my views. I aint too stupid to learn atleast