Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday revelations

As usual the powers that be wait to the end of the week (or for a longer holiday) to reveal bad news. Today, among other things, we are waiting for US unemployment numbers for January. And watch out for that one, they never give us the full account.

You know why they do this don’t you? Well if you don’t, just think for a moment about what’s normally not open during weekends…

Anyway, I’ve seen many news articles lately how we are closing in on a double-dip recession, how countries are facing harsh decisions and so forth. This is nonsense of course. They’ve been lying to us from the start and journalists, useless as always, never question a single thing.

The truth is that the recession never ended, in fact it has worsened. They can show how many GDP numbers they wish, the underlying foundation and the math tells the real story.

About ten years ago I wrote several letters to newspapers and argued within several political bodies that we were facing tough times. I also said back then that people should start buying gold, if anyone listened back then you would have quadrupled (or more) your investment by now. About 6 years ago I started to really look at the numbers and started to say that housing and stock markets were in big trouble in addition to saying that a deep recession was closing in. I also argued that after the first Q of 2010 the world would plummet down in darkness if we didn’t do anything about it.

Since then I’ve revised my prediction slightly because not even I thought that politicians would be as foolish as they’ve been. They did “save us” in the sense that all the stimulus, borrowing, printing and government interventions postponed the depression, but in doing so the situation have deteriorated into utter madness. The condition we find ourselves in now is worse than anything ever seen before.

We are facing a financial and political Armageddon, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Never before have so few done so much to destroy everything for so many.

We could still save most of our civilizations, if we did the right thing now. That is to say we cut government with 70-80% (or more), removed all obstacles including fascist internet regulations, and if we went back to sound money and crushed all forms of central banking. Sure it would still be bad - a couple of years of depression with lots of problems, but then it would be over and prosperity would flourish. The road we are on now however makes any talk about recovery idiotic at best.

The math doesn’t tell lies.

During about ten years now we’ve heard how manmade global warming will kill us all, it has all been revealed as a fraud over and over again. Only the really deeply religious tree-hugging fanatics, bought for ‘scientists’ and politicians still argue this case. How long can they keep the scam of financial recovery and Keynesianism going? Well, certainly not ten years, if they can manage ten more months I will be surprised.

Watch out for those scapegoats; Muslims, greed and capitalism. These are the things they already are blaming and it will only increase as the economies default more and more. Don’t buy that crap.

Journalists are highly to blame for not doing their job, cornflake economists should be blamed for not understanding 4th grade math, central banks should be blamed for causing the boom-and-bust cycles, and big business should be blamed for sleeping with all the rest of the enemy class. But the group you really should blame is politicians. They sit on the power, they made it all happen, and they have been lying to you. Sure a certain level of guilt is with you and how you vote, you are stupid, but when you get that rope and find that lamp-post, please string up those that do belong there.

Interesting times indeed…

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  1. Thank You mr, i live in Sweden and can relate to most of your posts. I'm not going insane, im just ordinary sheople measuring the heigts of lampposts in my district.