Friday, February 5, 2010

Another example of idiotic journalism

Apparently 38 women were raped onboard ferries last year. The ferries mainly go between Sweden, Finland and Estonia.

A rape is a despicable act and only a single one is too many.

However, apparently media is screaming about this calling the boats for ‘floating party palaces’ filled with horrible acts that makes Sodom and Gomorra look peaceful and Presbyterian. Of course, as usual, they exaggerate things and scare people unnecessary.

Every boat is filled with somewhere around 1000-1500 people for each trip and since we have many boats going every day back and forth, we’re talking about 10 000 people each day. Many of these individuals drink and look to fornicate, that’s two of the main purposes of going.

So if thousands of people travel every day on boats, drinking themselves silly while looking for someone to fuck, then we can regard it as any medial sized town a Friday night. One rape every 10th Friday doesn’t seem too much, rather under ‘the norm’. Hence you could, with the statistics, argue that these party-boats are pretty safe. If parents are worried for their children, a ‘party-boat’ is safer than going downtown during the weekend.

This isn’t what journalists try to convince us of, but as usual a mainstream paper isn’t good for anything else then toilet visits or making Molotov-cocktail fuses with. The later may be a proper way of acknowledge this fact during a visit to any location of mentioned media…

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