Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why knock off wolfs?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really a friend of animals. Well, I don’t regard them as equal to us humans or having any form of rights, they really don’t. Animals can serve us; give us food, clothes or company. And if they are in the way, like Polar Bears, Kangaroos or sharks, then let’s just kill them. I have no quarrel about that. Animals go extinct each day, regardless of human interference, and new species take their place. Man is what matters, screw any useless furry beasts.

But when Sweden again have allowed people to hunt wolfs I don’t get it. Firstly I don’t get hunting at all because modern day hunting has nothing to do with getting food or clothes, it’s about “fun”. How can it be fun sitting around in the forest waiting for some harmless thing to walk by so you can shot it? What is the deal with people hunting defenseless animals? I never got that. Feels stupid to me. If someone goes out, armed with a pocket-knife or a couple of spoons and tries to kill a Grizzly, okay, then I would get it. That’s a challenge, a test of your manhood or something of the sort. Feel free to do so.

And wolfs? It’s not like we have an abundant supply of them, and they never do anything to us humans with the exception of the occasional attack on some domestic animal, which we have the means to counter if necessary. And wolfs kind of reminds me of dogs, and I’m a dog-person, so I don’t really like this shooting thingy comes to wolfs at all.

Here’s a thought. Why don’t we catch the worst fiends we have, our politicians, let them run around in the forest and then we can have an all year around free-for-all hunting season for politicians? Now that would be fun.


  1. In sweden some people, but far from all in the rural country has ha clinical fobia against wolfs. It is an interesting psychological phenomeon. I wish some would do some research on why.

    As I understand it it is only in sweden where the deepless hate is. In countries that has ten fold of wolfs have a more relaxed attitude against nature.

  2. You're so right!

  3. loool i really want that politicians hunting :)

  4. The reason a lot of swedes dislike wolves is that they kill cattle and they kill some dogs, often the same dogs that are used for hunting.
    But the real reason is that swedes plainly likes to shoot and stuff that bleeds. Elk are so big and slow there's no big challenge, and pigs are rarely found in the swedish woods. The wolves are just the perfect size for target practice, and can be combined with the common wolf-hate that a lot of hunters carry. Note that when the wolf-hater can't find a wolf to shoot, they go after Lynxes instead.