Saturday, January 2, 2010

Virus of the mind

The first time you become aware will not be a pleasant experience. And the feeling of loneliness that comes with isn’t easy to handle. People around you will start looking at you differently while you try to explain your enlightenment; authorities will suddenly regard you as a nuisance or threat while the world you live in begins to look more absurd for every breath you take.

While your ethical code changes with this new knowledge, so will you. As with any belief, fictitious or otherwise, you’ll start looking at people and society in a way that will transform you, to a certain extent, into another person.

It can be compared with, both figuratively and literarily, to a slave realizing, for the first time, that he really is a slave – for the first time seeing the shackles holding him down, looking up at his captives and dungeon masters and seeing the malice in their eyes. This process seldom happens over night, it’s a gradual development. As with ridding oneself of an addiction or getting over the loss of a loved one, it takes time for the body and mind to process and adopt.

I can still fully remember the first step I took on this road. I was about eleven years old and the public school I went too had received some extra founding. This was a pretty run-down school with algae and mushrooms growing on the walls, we had nothing to do during brakes and our publically paid for books had seen better days. However, the school leadership decided we needed artwork for this money. Not new books, not better walls, not a new cafeteria or anything of the sort, no art it was. And not just any art, they bought a huge blue blob in some cement-like material they put on the schoolyard as some sort of testament to their madness. This abstract blob cost the school close to a million and it couldn’t be used for anything other than to look at, a sight which in itself was horrible enough.

The next step came very soon after. I was a pretty intelligent child, not a genius in any way, but smarter than most and I’ve always had very easy to learn. While in fourth grade I’d already gone through the seventh grade math book and made the mistake of asking my teacher to help me get books from even higher up. Oh the horrified look I got. A child going ahead? Someone trying to outsmart the rest? Needless to say I didn’t only have very suspicious teacher saying ‘no’ but I also got stripped from my books and had several reprimands and platitudes thrown at me. Everyone was supposed to do calculations step by step, so the curriculum said. This meant that each week we did another chapter, all together. It wasn’t really disallowed to go further, but they did go to lengths to keep everyone within this boundary, because how else could the teacher hold class if the adolescent students wasn’t on the same page? So instead of support I got shot down. Being young and finding girls more interesting than math I sort of didn’t care, but it’s hard not to wonder what level of proficiency I could have been at today if this interest and skill would have been allowed to grow and been encouraged.

Throughout my upbringing trough education and many years spent within politics I became more and more aware of what’s really going on. I became highly suspicious of anyone claiming they lived in a free country, clearly such an individual needed psychiatric help. I also realized that very few people actually know how deeply inbreeded in manure our society really is. Sure people react to injustice now and again, and sometimes a scandal or event trigger some bent up feelings of public resentment, but mostly people wander around in a zombie-like state of tranquility, never really understanding, or rather don’t want to understand, what’s being done to them.

At first I got angry, tried to wake people up, but the empty eyes staring back at you while you try to explain why a free man produce more and live happier then the tied down man, is a deterrent. And the few people that do listen or have reached understanding on their own cannot folly substitute relatives, friends and co-workers that seem to be happy living in servitude.

Although I over time became more and more disillusioned and sort of gave up hope on humanity, I still sometimes get that angry feeling. Like when it comes to the total scam of manmade global warming. Here you have a politically motivated hoax with not a single shred of evidence in support. There’s no science, and no rational thinking behind it and the so called proof have been debunked many times over. Still, somehow, we let our elected frauds, bought for scientists and manipulating journalists sell us this lunacy. Do we really want the elitists to control and tax us so much that we accept anything, even something so ridiculous that it makes the “the earth is flat” –argument seem sane in comparison? Apparently so.

I also have a hard time grasping how so many can blatantly accept government taking our money and handing it over to banksters and tricksters under the disguise of bail-outs and stimulus packages. An unprecedented transference of wealth and power from the working man to the already rich and powerful have just been taken place in front of our eyes, but somehow we accept it as “necessary” to save the economy.

But nothing gets me boiling as how we coop with rapes (referring mostly to Sweden, but most countries are the same), and in particular how rape is compared to other crimes. Cheat on your taxes or be in possession of cocaine and you’ll spend many, many years locked up, but rape someone and a couple of years, at the most, seem sufficient. But as if the humiliation of the vile act, the following trial and a ridiculous sentence wasn’t enough, government has also outlawed self-protection. Guns are outlawed and if you use one or any other weapon to fend off an attacker, the punishment will, by far, exceed what the rapists might get. And anyone trying to stop a would-be rapist, can also be sentenced. The poor little rapist’s rights shall not be violated.

It’s like living in bizarro world.

When did we become so lame as a species that we allowed ourselves to be bullied around, controlled and lied to in this manner? Has it always been like this?

Most of the time, however, I laugh at the misery of this world. How can you not? You may argue it’s a defense-mechanism to react with amusement to the horror-show, but it’s really not. It is hilarious to watch, read and hear about people dying, starving and being swindled at every step when obvious solutions are starring them in the face. We can today feed and clothe every person on this planet, there’s jobs for everyone and injustice of all kinds can be solved. But instead we allow ourselves to be wrapped up in this GramscoFabiaNazi nightmare were the righteous elitists can sit and rub their hands together and do whatever they want.

Maybe the processed foods, the reality-shows, indoctrinating schools and the constant bombardment of lies has, over time, planted a virus in our genetic code that makes us incapable to react or act when it comes to injustice? If so, what’s the cure?

Maybe we need wars and the occasional holocaust, because only when faced with such horrors people seem to, at least temporarily, wake up. If that’s what you need, you’re going to get some of that very soon when that financial Armageddon lurking around the corner hits us. Maybe, just maybe, enough of you mindless drones will wake up during or after that debacle. That’s the only form of hope I can offer.

Now it is time for me to play Fall-out 3, seems appropriate…

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