Friday, January 1, 2010

Time to legalize self-defense

Spin-doctors and the righteous elitists are spinning the latest shootings in Finland into the same storyline as they always try to sell us. He was a madman that loved guns and he simply snapped. If only Finland’s liberal gun-laws wasn’t there, if only there were more money thrown to psychiatric clinics, if government only had more power.

The only thing I’m thinking is why the people of this particular store and the surrounding stores weren’t armed and shot the bastard. But oh yeah, that’s right, government have outlawed self-defense.

As with any similar event some or even most of the dead might have been saved if ordinary citizens had been carrying guns, as they should be.

If we want a world safe for rapists, muggers and madmen, then we need to outlaw guns and consequently make sure that only criminals are armed. This is what the government wants because they need to be the ones coming to our rescue and, of course, government cannot have the population armed, people may protect themselves from all criminals including tax-collectors, police and politicians.

This is also why regime-friendly journalists and pundits argue the way they do, they feel the scope in the distant, eyeing them and somewhere down the line the finger may squeeze the trigger.


  1. Interesting post, quite interesting theory. However, I believe it's flawed on some basic key notes, you fail to mention that countries with less stringent gun laws in fact do not have less crimes and deadly shootings, but more!
    However I do agree with you that sometimes, the people of society needs to take the law into their own hands...


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  2. Oh, right, yeah, let's go Wild West on the entire Western population and society. That would be taking a step in a more civilised direction, right?

    In the name of all that's holy, you can't be serious. Of course, if everybody had a gun, nothing would ever happen? Hah.

  3. No, the silly thing about this story is that they call for stricter gun laws when the criminal had an ILLEGAL gun. The laws thats already in place made the gun he used illegal. More laws would not change that fact.

  4. Give the people more guns! That should keep them safe from shootings!

    ... nice one.

  5. How many legal guns there are in circulation has no relation to how much gun crime is committed at all.. That's pure BS.

    Look at Switzerland, tons of guns, you even got militiamen walking around in public with machineguns slung over the shoulder.. But guess what - they have almost no gun crime whatsoever. Look at Vermont in the U.S.. It used to be that you wouldn't even be allown to live there if you didn't own a gun!.. (might still be that way, not sure) They are amongst the most "gun-riddled" states in the U.S, but they also are one of the states with the least gun crime. So no.. there is no connection.

    If people "misuse" guns, is a question of culture, the individual and of course - whetever he's insane or not. None of these shooters can't exactly be called bastions of mental health.

    I agree with Apocalypse all the way.. Self-defense IS outlawed today, even though it is the most basic right there is. Hell, here in Sweden, you're not even allown to defend yourself with your fists! (At the same time - there is no shortage whatsoever of illegal weapons.) Also.. Look at history, what is the FIRST thing every dictatorship that ever existed takes away from the people?
    Their weapons..

    That was a lesson the American settlers had learnt in Europe and that's why they have the right to bear arms in their constitution, so that they would be able to defend against a repressive government and fight such dictatorship if need be.

  6. The lowly scum who try to turn this into a gun law question are the idiots who do not realize the simple fact that... HE HAD AN ILLEGAL GUN!!!

    They are just cowardly anti-gun morons who are using the blood of victims as lubricant for the whetstone upon which they sharpen the political axe they try to grind down the finnish peoples rights.

  7. You people that are against people defending themselves don’t get it. It’s not about the Wild West or anything of the sort; it’s about having normal law-abiding citizens armed so whenever any criminal gets the idea to shot or rob someone, they will face people that won’t stand for it. Imagine someone trying to rape a woman when she is carrying a 9mm clock - one less rapist to worry about. This would be the very essence of a modern, civilized society with people walking with their heads high. Not like today when people are afraid to go out. It would also make any government think twice before imposing an unjust fascist law.

  8. Svensk media som alltid försöker få detta till en vapenfråga överdriver. Vadå strängare?? om man istället för att hänga hagelbössan på en spik i köket, eller ha 9mm Colten i bokhyllan som prydnad när man inte skjuter på burkar? Om det nu ställs lite krav på att alla ostraffade över 18 år låser in sina legala Pistoler eller Gevär. Summa summarum du får ändå ditt vapen om du sköter dig i framtidens Finland.


  9. More guns that will make us safer, right???
    Why dont we try that in the Middle East....jackasses!!!!

  10. The Middle East is a perfect example of a place where criminals and terrorists have guns, normal people don't. Again, you don't get it. All you want is for the evil people to have guns, I want the good people to have them.

  11. Right so who's the good guys, White middle age men?????

    "One mans terrorist is another once freedom fighter"

  12. what they're doing is just collective punishment and it's a flawed idea that it will prevent madmen to hurt people in the future. why do responsible hobbyist have to suffer because of that?

  13. I think its far more important to have laws that make it harder for criminals to get guns

    Illegal weapons don't appear out of nowhere, Most of the weapons on the black market are stolen from honest weapon owners. (This is the main reason why restricting access to guns for everyone can be a good idea)

    The most effective way to prevent criminals from getting weapons in the first place is to not allow honest but careless individuals to own them and to keep a good watch at the borders to prevent smuggling.

    There should be no need to outlaw guns though, making gun owners responsible for keeping their guns from falling into the wrong hands would be far more effective.

  14. Stricter gun laws would in no way, shape or form, have helped in this tragic case.

    The UK tried the "extreme prohibit" strategy already, and guess what, it doesn't help. Gun crime, as well as gun injury and gun death, has risen drastically since the prohibition. The Home Office Statistical bulletin has these facts down in cold numbers. ISSN 1358-510X.