Friday, December 11, 2009

Bellowed leaders walking in fear

We could discuss for a long time what distinguish a good or great leader from a bad one, however, one trait that most should agree upon is that any leader that needs to shut down a city, hide behind armed guards and put out smokescreens before, during and after any meeting is at the very least paranoid.

Don’t get me wrong, no matter how benevolent you are there’s always someone that loath you and/or what to replace you as headboy. Power do corrupt, but power also attract all sorts of people, more than anything else it attracts those little funny men with inferiority complex, but most around you would murder for a seat at parliament or whatever. As a consequence any leader is always a prime target either for a direct snuffing or a anti-campaign of some sort which in turn leads us to assume that a leader always need to take appropriate action as protection.

However, to go from that to almost total isolation and at very sign of any form of opposition always drag out the storm troops to quell people from shouting is something else. When the same leader/s makes it into a contest to go against the peoples will and are mainly responsible for any problems that arise, you have a very fearful and deeply disturbed bunch of megalomaniacs. Hardly the basis of good leadership eh?

I also hear that the supreme elitists of the cluster fuck that is Europi Uni have decided to support the implementation of a Tobin-tax. Well, that’s not very surprising. When they are starting to lose the global taxation planed through the manmade global warming scam they need to search for new incomes. Step by step, on issue after issue the conspiracists are getting it right. New World Order isn’t a fictitious idea spawned by tin-foil hats anymore. I’m not saying they got it all right or that there’s really a conspiracy going on, but the effect and the end result is the same no matter what.

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  1. You are right about the conspiracists: the international leadership is giving them empirical evidence of the NWO-theory all the time, the handling of the swine flu, the tobin tax, the rules for handling demonstrators and so on.

    But the irony is that the demonstrators are not on the conspirators side at all. Instead they are actually demonstrating for MORE NWO. These are climate activists and anti capitalists. They demand more international action, deals and regimes to regulate the climate. And in things like the tobin tax they see the end of capitalism and the return of socialism/communism on a global scale. And a power shift where the third world is getting more power and the west is choosing the road to poverty. Their criticism is that the leaders are not doing enough. Which means that the demonstrators are actually mor PC than the ruling PC-class.