Monday, December 14, 2009

Let’s start more hostilities

The Nobel Peace Prize winning Obamination have decided that a couple of wars and millions of troops worldwide isn’t enough. Well, you cannot be the worst warmongering president in history and torture innocent people without making the best of it now can you?

US Special Forces have now been sent to Yemen to train its army, as the Yemeni military backed by the Saudi Arabian army has been fighting local Houthi fighters in the north of the country. This is apparently an attempt to prevent the country from turning into a "reserve base" for Alky Ada & Friends.

I’m starting to wonder what country comes next. I mean, if fighting terrorists and some elusive Alky Ada is the main reason for throwing military into other countries, one has to wonder when American troops end up all over the place. And since their recent idiocy in Pakistan along with other conflicts going on will increase the number of willingly fighters against terrorizing US soldiers tenfold, this have no end in sight.

As with earlier crashing empires the US is making the same classic mistake. Internally they move towards more totalitarianism and socializing their economy along with a deteriorating currency. A growing base of extremism within can be seen, but even more interesting millions of ordinary citizens seem to have had enough. A civil war isn’t an unthinkable scenario anymore. Externally they are fighting not one but several, never ending conflicts that cannot be won even if they do win every battle. This at the same time as they are supporting global taxation, carbon taxes and in doing so selling out the American dream to foreign interests and global governance.

The only thing really going for them is the mentioned pick-pocket in Chief that for some reason is celebrated by mainstream pundits and media no matter what he does. Something that should be a warming-flare in itself.

And with a global financial depression just around the corner we are heading for very interesting times.

I’m just waiting for the next big terrorist attack that should arrive pretty soon. They need that before the economy goes to hell because by then it will be too late; they need those final fascist restrictions otherwise the elitists power structure is in danger. So I expect something huge to happen very soon. Within half a year some city or whatnot will be struck, that you can be sure of and with that event out goes our last remaining freedoms. And I don’t expect it to be in America, more likely it will hit somewhere in Europe to tighten the bounds against those pesky Muslims.

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