Tuesday, November 24, 2009

“V” and the flu shoot

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of “V”, you should. Really hilarious stuff.

-- spoiler alert ---

In this episode the Aliens hand out super-vitamin thingies that governments’ all over, in some state of suspicion, check and investigate. At the same time the lizard-people (“V’s”) have sneaked in a toxin into the flu vaccine. Look at the right hand while the left does some tricky stuff behind the back, so to say...

This show is turning out to be a regular conspiracy regulator. The similarities between Obama’s electoral campaign and how the V’s are selling their oppression is forebodingly similar, and anyone familiar with conspiracy theories can find lots of stuff in this show.

It leaves you wondering, is this a way of saying anyone complaining about the flu shoot or Obama is a nut just watching too much TV or is it a way of telling some kind of truth? Probably neither, only writers making the best use of scary contemporary stuff thrown about in the ether. Why not use existing thingies instead of coming up with your own?

Still, fun stuff and I’m guessing one or two more starts to question the flu shot, seeing and hearing it can kill or transform you will have its effect, no matter if its TV-based or not. This is a good thing, something the Canadian government seems to have understood recently.

The fantastic Morena Baccarin from the Show:

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