Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let the stupid thing die already

One of the most misskept and horrible companies of the world, SAAB automobiles, seem to be going down. The current owner, General Motors, have no real interest in reviving it, and the supposed take-over was, as I’ve said before, more or less a scam.

Good. Let the stupid thing fail, wither and die.

The Swedish government is unwilling to buy or support the scrapheap, and they shouldn’t. A company that hasn’t even heard of the word ‘profit’ in decades is a failed institution, it has no place whatsoever. Too bad that the government didn’t apply the same logic comes to the big insolvent zombie banks. For some reason we apparently need to give hundreds of billions to banks, affectingly transferring money from the poor to the uselessly rich. If there would be a choice between SAAB and the banks, the money should of course go to the manufacturing car company; at least they do produce stuff, stuff no one wants, but still. The banks are just in the way.

If you cannot fail and our tax money always comes to the rescue, there’s neither any incentive to do good or actually be a productive company. Many people has a misconception that capitalism is a friend of the big corporations, it’s not. In a true market economy you need to be good at what you do, showing profits, otherwise you have no place in it. Only in a fascist or socialist economy can the rich and powerful fail but still make money, curtsey of the state, or, in actuality, curtsey of the taxpayer. In this sense capitalism is and always will be the best friend workers and the poor can ever have.

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