Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The leftie government use leftie tactics

What left governments do better than anyone else is to be in opposition to themselves. If their policies have failed in some regard, they rally against it. If unemployment goes up they demonstrate against unemployment, if the economy falters, they complain about the economy. For some reason this tactic seems to be quite effective, votes in general elections prove it. Now the current Swedish government does the same.

Unemployment among youngsters is sky-high, so what to do? Of course argue that this problem needs to be solved. The center party - one out of four parties of the government - now wants to make this issue a main topic during next year’s election.
To a certain degree these problems cannot merely be blamed on the current administration, they inherent a country with many faults and the financial crisis didn’t arise from their mistake. However, during three years lots could have been done to solve problems, to change legislation and get things going. Instead of mortgaging our future with huge loans they could have cut expenditures, instead of giving hundreds of billions to banks and the rich they could have changed the rules and laws comes to the labor market.

But worst of all is that the government has given the central bank free range to destroy the economy. If you think the unemployment rate is bad today, what do you think will happen when the next crashes cometh from the gigantic bubbles being created right now?

We’re heading for huge abyss, and it’s just up the road. If nothing is soon done to prepare and change what needs to be changed, there will be no future to talk about.

Government expenditures should be cut in half, or more. Interest rates need to go up to 6%, or more. The fascist internet laws need to be scraped immediately, and while we’re at it, we should eliminate another thousand laws. If this is done now, it would plunge the country deep into recession for a year or so, and then we would come out on the other side richer, more productive and better than any country on earth. If not, well… goodbye prosperity, and hello poverty and despair.

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