Monday, November 30, 2009

No shit Sherlock

Swedish papers are today writing about the revelation that several so called ‘scientists’ and prominent members of WHO are pocketed by the pharmaceutical industry. Apparently this is “news”. Journalists at work ladies and gentlemen, revealing what anyone half awake already knows.

I’ve written about this several times, and so have a lot of other folks. It’s no secret that WHO panel-members get money and support from big business, just as it’s no secret that WHO get much (all) of its information about how effective and safe the Swine Flu vaccine is from the same sources that benefits greatly from selling inoculations.

The (A)H1N1 strain is extremely harmless, one of the least deadly flues in human history. Yes, it does spread pretty quickly, but both symptoms and the death-rate are minuscule. If you’ve never injected yourself before, there’s certainly no basis for doing it now, but somehow we are bombarded with reasons for doing so. How can so many of you idiots be so clueless?

And journalists, Pfffff… first they scare us with people in moon-suits walking in under plastic sheets and apocalyptic scenarios. Then they reveal that the flu isn’t that bad, but then its killing us again before getting harmless and so on in a constant loop of selling papers. And now this surprise. This has never been about saving lives or giving us information, it’s all about the money, well mostly anyway.
I wonder if our bellowed reporters are going to “reveal” how the vaccine kill and cause harm to some people soon? Or maybe papers will write about the secret agreements governments made with pharmaceutical companies? Or maybe we’ll be handed news how doctors are paid to promote the vaccine? Oh, such secrets they can reveal in the future.

But the real truth will never be told by mainstream media - the truth that most of you out there are complete and utter morons. They can sell you anything, as long as they can scare you or hand you false information enough times you’ll buy anything they have to offer. And I’m not only talking vaccine here. Our enemies created our current economic dilemma, but for some magical reason you, the idiots, turn to the very same people to get us out of it. And so they can sell you notions of handing over hundreds of billions to banks and the rich while normal people suffer. And the manmade global warming scam? By Beelzebub’s honest face how they have fooled you with that one. When it’s reveled how scientists fake the numbers and lie, journalists hardly even mention it. Better to sell you stories about the end of the world rather than the truth.

Sheople indeed.

I’m really starting to hope that this Hog Flu mutate and knock of billions of people, you don’t deserve anything less. You’d been handed a fantastic brain, but all it’s ever used for is to think about who’ll be the next to be voted off the island.

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  1. Where h5n1 fails h1n1 prevails! X_X Wouldn't mind decimating the population though, way overdue.