Monday, November 30, 2009

The final days of democracy

Today the cables for total surveillance of the Swedish populace are being put into use. The FRA-monitoring law has reduced all e-mails, phone calls and web-activity to nothing more than government read and controlled communication.

You cannot claim this to be the final nail in the coffin, it’s not. We can still decide what to have for breakfast, how to cut our hair and how much breathing we do. But those and a few other exceptions aside, not much remains. The only two victories we can still claim is that we can still vote and there’s no war going on. Oh, wait; aren’t we involved in some Afghan thingy? And this current financial crisis that will soon to turn into a full out depression may have some hostilities cometh with. Before in history, great economic upheavals have lead to armed conflicts, no reason to say that won’t happen this time. And voting? Please. To cast a vote is nothing else but having your say in what to do with your own and the neighbor’s money. And does it really change anything? Is there any difference between the political parties? You know, they could vote in Stalin’s Soviet as well as they can still vote in North Korea today. And funny figures like Adolf “the painter” Hitler have been voted into office. Not really an assurance of peace and democracy that ballot eh?

I want you to look around you, wherever you are. Can you mention one single thing that is not taxed, controlled, monitored and regulated by the state? I can’t. Not a damn thing.

They say they want to catch terrorists and pedophiles. Really? How many of you think that’s the main reason? And even if it is, is there a single person out there that thinks they will catch more of those with all these new laws? Maybe they will create more because of these laws, but catch more?

But the main concern we should have, and something most of you out there don’t understand, is that this is only the beginning. They cannot impose a couple of laws and be content. It doesn’t work that way. Technology develops, exceptions will be created, and terrorists find new ways. More laws will come, more rules will be imposed, more regulations and more control functions will pop up. That’s the way of the game. And herein lay the real problem. FRA, ACTA, IPRED and the rest isn’t the final nails, but they are some of the biggest ones making way for the future final ones.

When our grandchildren, if existing in the future, look back at us, they will conclude that our time was the final days of democracy and they will condemn us all for letting it happen.


  1. There is an upside to this globalisation that perhaps the Money Gods did not foresee. The citizens of the world are beginning to unite against the political classes - regardless of race, nationality, religion (apart from Muslims) or political persuasion.

    The left-right divide is giving way to libertarian.

    I wonder what a worldwide civil war will be like when it comes.

  2. I am, unfortunately, forced to agree. While the government do claim it is for our own safety, it couldn't be more clear that it is just a way to win votes. And ... we can vote? We have democracy? I'm not sure about that. Taking the Swedish democrats as an example, I believe we have a clear case of just how much democracy we do have. Perhaps you heard about how the left and the right wingers decided to unite, both agreeing on that they would NOT have any debate what so ever with the Swedish democrats. Also, media does its best to paint up this particular party as "racist" and "pathetic". While anyone may have whatever opinion they want about the SD, this is still hardly democracy. As a spokesman of the people, I see it as my -right- to get information about each party available for my votes. Two opposers siding with each other, just to freeze one part out is hardly democracy. If they thought the SD are such rubbish, why do they not dare to stand up to them in a debate?

    Retardity in all its forms.

    As to actually answering your question: If I look around myself at this very moment... well, I am currently at a place called "Job Centrum", where we're essentially entitled to use the computers to search for jobs and write CV's - nothing else. Also, they monitor what sites we are on, undeniably. Consequenses for doing the "wrong thing" here are harsh.

    My apologies for the wall of text.

    - Eyezek

  3. "If they thought the SD are such rubbish, why do they not dare to stand up to them in a debate?"

    Exactly. But after seeing the SD-leader wipe the floor first with social democratic leader Sahlin and then center part-leader and minister Olofsson it is not so surprising.

  4. Fausty:
    In a way you’re right. There has been and continues to be an interest in libertarian ideas. Just look at Atlas Shrugged sales or what all the ones opposing the current world agenda say. However, that doesn’t mean there’s a real upswing of libertarianism, and in the end we are still few in numbers and are still too busy working and producing to be a real threat. We are still helping the elitists.

  5. Eyezek:
    Well, (SD) isn't the only example. But you are of course right.

    Really? What have you been smooking? And give me some...
    SD are a bunch of nuts, they do lift some issues that normally isn't on the agenda, but otherwise the same crap as the rest of the bunch. I don't see the point since the Social Democrats will impose basically the same stupidities anyway, can as easily vote for them instead.

  6. apocalypse,
    I haven't smoked anything, thank you. You say that "SD are a bunch of nuts". Yes, probably. But so is the establishment in our parliament, they are vote cattle and careerists. I don't vote for SD, and I'm definitely no nationalist. But it's obvious that in the few televised debates between the SD-leader and Sahlin (future pm) resp Olofsson (vice pm), the former is the winner. Not because he is especially brilliant or rethorical, but because his opponents despite all media training are hysterical reality deniers. Hysterical as they have laid a taboo on critical debates about immigration and multiculturalism and made them meta-political. They are therefore uncomfortable discussing it and tend to become hysterical when challenged. Like all myth makers.

    But I see that this is beside the point of your original post. But to connect the dots: we are moving into a post-liberal society. The ICT-policy with the FRA in combination with EU and the dominance of the new pc-class will ensure this. It won't be a new hitlerist or stalinist opression based on violence, but on more "soft" techniques. Politics, real politics, will be replaced by risk management, managing social unrest, social conflicts, "racism" and "terrorism", "populism" and so on. Problems the new class itself is partly responsible for creating. The parties today say they will have to create a cross-border government just to keep SD out. They are that afraid of non-pc challenges. And the idea of direct democracy is dead after the swiss election, now the pc-class wants restrictions on unnecessary democracy. Democracy isn't good if the people vote "wrong", this is the new pc-opinion and it should be uttered with nazilike conviction like the grunts described in "1984" (is that a pc book?). Like they did when ratifying the Lisbon treaty, so it had to be managed. Those who have views departing from the pc-class will have to prepare for nationwide campaigns in pc-media, or more probable: silence and to be banned from using the Internet.

    But maybe it's just me smoking too much...I really hope so. :)

  7. A glimpse of the future (?):

    Free Speech is Dead in England

    Aren't you in GBR? Maybe you have heard more about this case? Is it true?

  8. Freedom of speech is long since dead in Sweden as well. I like to take (SD) as an example, because this party brings up a subject which is considered "taboo" nowadays, and despite the fact that everyone loves branding Sweden a "country of democracy", this is a clear case as to where it is not. With democracy, freedom of speech comes, stating that everyone have the right to an opinion and to voice it. However, other parties branding a specific one (in this case SD) "racist" because they voice an opinion regarding our obviously failed immigration politics, that is hardly democracy, nor is it fair. Politicians who fail to see as to WHY SD now wins so much votes are idiots. One would think that the left and right wingers would've learned by now that something needs to be done about this failed immigration system.

    I will not lie, I am originally a social democrat. When Sweden came to its point where the problems of immigration and multiculture society started to show more heavily, I was waiting for my dear party to go "Hey, time to do something about this shit. This obviously ain't working, guys."
    Well, let's just say that by the time Mona Sahlin took over, I decided that enough is enough. Sadly I cannot vote for this former favourite party of mine any longer, because I am shocked to see how they can simply ignore the cry of their people. Democracy? People's voices first? My ass. Everyone I know who vote for the Swedish Democrats actually state that they mostly do so in protest to the other parties acting like such bunch of ignorant morons. I think that if you'd ask an SD supporter if he'd vote for another party, should they embrace the immigration question, I believe that in most cases he'd say "Yes".

    I think this is very relevant to the topic at hand, as we are discussing democracy here. And I think Sweden lacks it, heavily. And like Apocalypse said, we are going downhill. I agree with Markus. Neither the fault nor glory lies with the Swedish democrats, but rather the other parties who, as quoted, are "hysterical reality deniers".

    Apocalypse: Naturally the SD are not the only example. Hence why I called it an "example" instead of saying "This is where democracy lacks in Sweden, only." No need to incline that anyone smoked anything. We are merely having a rather interesting discussion.

    ...And I do agree with that all parties seem to be full of nutcases, and that placing your vote wherever would probably result in the same idiocy, just in different forms. And then we get to the question, whichever form of idiocy we'd prefer.

    I'd prefer that we open our eyes to things like this:

    Do note that this "study" they speak of has proven that Sweden has most cases of "rape" in Europe, because of "High alcohol consumption, "free sexuality" and "the right to saying "no" late". This must be amongst the greatest bullshit I have ever read. Never mind that immigrant men are at the TOP score of rapists, overwhelmingly so, and that Sweden has slowly headed this way ever since we started to allow a mass-immigration from the middle east.

    It is sad to see how they do not even dare to speculate in this. As a Swedish woman, I feel betrayed and ignored by my own. "Sexistic culture"? Aren't we supposed to be the most "equal" country in the world when it comes to men and women rights?

    These things really makes my head ache. *Rubs temples*

  9. Wasn't that one of the SD leaders "facts" that was taken out of very thin air? That "Never mind that immigrant men are at the TOP score of rapists" in particular. What is the source? Please do show me as it seems quite preposterous and god forbid high percentages when we as a country have merely what 9 million people? Even tiny Belgium has over 10-11 million people.

    Dont get me wrong now, I do believe and have believed there is a major problem with the immigration and the immigrants at hand. (I am one as well) but thats because "they" get away with not adapting to our society to easily, which should not be looked at with ease.

    I for some reason have ended up with 1-2 real friends not being native Swedish as I was brought up learning to adapt and adjust accordingly it pissed/pisses me off when you have the "ghetto fab coolness" demonstrated by many or should i say overrepresentated amongst young males from "abroad", the type that actually fights against adaptation and at the same time gets backed up by the government? For fucks sake, its hasnt fully been PC to sing the national anthem native swedes are considered racists and adjusted immigrants (i do love our un-official anthem specially since my military service) like myself are considered "sellouts" / desillusioned etc..

    "You dont like it, you take your shit and leave until then you behave Swedish as a thank you and if you ever want to have any chance of not ending up in a pizza parlor." was what my father always said. Wise man.

    When in rome do as the romans eh?



    I actually found several sources for this, but I don't want to spam you down with links.
    Also, where are my manners? Hello, Homan.

    First of all, the facts were not taken out of thin air. The SD leader used a valid source. It is not only Aftonbladet that has told us that immigrants -are- over representative when it comes to rape. Do note, that immigrants from Asia are about as low as Sweden on the scale, while immigrants from, example, Marocko are at the top. This is by no means meant to be taken any offensive towards any immigrant out there (except for the actual rapists of course. But then I don't want to offend only immigrant rapists, but ALL rapists).
    I have plenty of immigrant friends, and all express the same as you, Homan. I absolutely despite the "Yo yo"-immigrants (aka, ghetto bling bling dudes). Still, I have a friend who is of that kind, and the difference between him and most "ghetto" immigrants is that he uses his yo-yo-ness as a style and a way to express himself (he is a rapper, as well. Argh, by poor ears.) While he does this, he's still a completely sane and sensible person (not to insult you hip hopers out there.) and he takes on the law of the country he is in. He, too, hates immigrants that, as he puts it "Ruin his image" by acting like complete idiots, saying things like "Swedish girls are whores." and "Sweden is such a shit country, your prison is like a hotel!", and "Fucking Swedish idiots suck my *beep*". Because I, as well as my dear YoYo-friend, have realised that it is not the immigrants who got our national anthem more or less banned at several schools. It is not the immigrants who went "Hey, you can't sing "Den blomstertid nu kommer", I confuse you with Hitler when you do!". Neither is it the immigrants who went "Fuck, it is so discriminating to define our speech as "Broken Swedish", we demand it to be an accent! (Rinkeby svenska)".

    Continue in next post:

  11. All this, my friend, is the work of the *beep, beep* and *beep BEEP* politicians. My immigrant, as well as Swedish friends LAUGH at those silly things put up in media. How nogger black is racist, (while nogger apparently was not) (...Rest in peace, my favourite ice cream. *Tear*), how everything SWEDISH is racist.

    I live in a rather large city, and about three years ago, the 6th of June, on our beloved national day, a lot of my friends put up parties and there were general happiness etc etc.

    However, while I was walking in town, something struck me. There, at a great poster, was a picture of the Swedish flag, the paper having the headline "Come celebrate, immigrants"

    The poster was, shortly, about that immigrants (yes, only immigrants were mentioned to be invited) should gather at a certain spot (nice grass place) to sing and dance to their own national anthem's and traditional songs (for immigrants. Probably a lot of arab songs).


    I do not know if you see the idiocy in this, the way I do. By all means, I do not mind immigrants celebrating their national days, nor sing and dance to their culture music. In fact, I think that's great, and I'd love to be there to see it. But now, the problem is that this was arranged at -Sweden's- national day. Because if it was not, immigrants could feel "left out".

    If one wants the immigrants to feel like part of Sweden, why the feth don't you invite -everyone- to a party where you celebrate -Sweden-? That would be a great opportunity for immigrants and Swedes to meet and converse.

    And yes, your father sounds like a wise man, Homan. Surely we can both agree on that no matter what country you settle in, you "Tar seden dit du kommer". If I moved to, let's say Turkey, I would not start pointing at Turkish things, calling it racist. And neither would I celebrate Sweden on Turkey's national day. Neither would I pull the women's scarfs, because "We don't have that in Sweden. I can't help it. I feel left out in this society and the only way I can express this is to fuck up for the Turkish citizens." That'd be crazy!

    Continue in next post: (Damn blog messing up)

  12. Sadly... a lot of immigrants -do- hate Sweden, and Swedes, and everything with Swe in it. And equally as sadly, a lot of Swedes hate immigrants. I think we all have got our reasons behind it. Things that the politicians don't see. They keep making us angrier and angrier at each other.

    It is about time that Sweden, and its immigrants, unite. And it's about time immigrants step up to the Swedish system and go "You guys are bloody idiots. Stop telling the Swedes they can't sing their national anthem, and stop telling them wearing their flag on their shirt is racist. The only ones it fucks up for is -us-." Because that's exactly how it is. People's anger land on the immigrants, because they are the supposed "source" of the problem, while in the end, it is our idiotic politicians that...hell, I actually don't know what the feck they're doing, or what they are. What they're doing seems so crazy to me.

    ...Just crazy.