Monday, November 30, 2009

the twilight zone

While climategate grows and awakens more sheople to the truth, our bellowed leaders are trying to come to agreements how to cut emissions and reduce global warming. As usual the elitists ignore how we are in a cooling period, that no data supports their claims and that millions may die from the additional taxes and regulations.

I’ve said it before and I say it again, there is no proof of the manmade global warming scare. Actually there’s not even any proof of manmade global warming existing at all. Not one. I know some of you don’t believe me, but check for yourself. Take any claim the fear mongering types has; check it against facts, historic data and actual measurements. I have done so on many occasions, and so has many others, not a single statement from the environment-scary doomsayers holds. Not a single one.

On many occasions I’ve presented this to and asked prominent politicians and scientists what they say about there’s not being any proof. I never have gotten any answer other than avoiding political mumbo jumbo, which actually tells you all you need to know. It’s all a mixture of self-contained fantasy, science fiction, and suspense with a macabre twist that has much more to do with the twilight zone than with any real science or fact.

Only two arguments always comes back to you, “arguments” that is meant to play on your emotions and awaken feelings. Those two are; natural phenomenon and dying animals.

Any form of weather can be used to blame cars, factories and humans. It’s raining? Oh, it’s the cars. A hurricane? That’s Microsoft’s fault. Floodings? That’s never happen before; it must be the light-bulbs. Wild-fires in Australia? That’s another thing that’s never happened before, let’s blame that on airplanes. The connection to older time’s ignorance is obvious. Back then we blamed everything we didn’t understand on whims of the Gods, today when we actually have the facts, we do the same thing, but now we blame some elusive manmade thingy.

And animals dying are an even more devious madness. If we only stop going on vacations, then cute teddybear-like creatures with tears in their eyes would be happier and smile again. So let’s ignore that 99.99% of all animals ever existed on this planet is extinct, not here anymore, poff, gone. Despite whatever we do, or regardless if people existed at all, several species would disappear each day. Mother Nature is a cruel bitch; she knocks off furry cuties each day, despite any human interventions.

It’s like they want to tell us that if mankind disappeared, and if we just gave nature time to heal itself, all would be well in the world. If cars went away there would be no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no flooding, no animals would die, and deserts would turn into lush forests and unicorns would roam the plains. If we destroyed all factories; then Ice-sheets would never fall, Antarctica would always stay icy and never needed to worry about the ozone layer ever again. If we stop using washing machines then Polar Bears could expand in numbers and kill more humans.

Man bad, nature good. Man having food and living in houses bad, man living in huts and starving is good.

If you want to know how completely absurd the climate-change madness has become, take a look at this UN-report. If you check the map at pages 8-9 (2-3) most of you will laugh uncontrollably. It’s so ridiculous, so out there that even tribesmen thousands of years ago blaming bad weather on the Gods stands out as a shining beacons of enlightenment.

So why? What’s the reason behind this? How come they are trying to convince us we are horrible beings? Why do try to they sell their insanity to us? It’s all about money, control and power.

Is it a coincidence that Goldman Sachs owns billions of stakes in release-rights and such? Is it a fluke that the elitists don’t expand taxation on salaries, but instead raise them on cars and industry? Is it an accident that government dependent scientists argue the case of the alarmists when they get billions of tax money just to come to that very conclusion? Is it a twist of fate that the global-warming scare increases power for certain entities?

Our climate has always and will always change. We will see another tropical age; we will see another ice-age, that’s inevitable. Animals have always and will always die out. The rich and powerful have always and will always try to get even wealthier and more powerful. The ones that rule us have always and will always try to find new ways to control, monitor and tax us. All of this is the natural order of things, and it will never change. The only question is how far we will let the enemy class take things - that’s the thing we can control and change.

I know most of you good little sheople out there follow the rules, obey the law and pay your taxes. You let them rule us with impunity for some shadowy reason, but this global-warming hoax take things to a completely new level. There’s no proof of it, no science, no rational reason for it whatsoever, and all they sell it with are useless marketing tricks in order to gain money, power and control over us, and almost all of you eat it up. If you ever needed a verification of human stupidity, this is it. This is the true intelligence test. Forget MENSA and university degrees, if you really want to know how smart anyone is, ask them about manmade global warming. If a person buy into it and believe what the alarmists are saying, that individual is an idiot.

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