Friday, October 9, 2009

What’s the agenda?

It’s impossible to grasp the news of Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize. It is so way beyond all intellectual capacity, even though I had foreseen such an appointment (my money was on the less racist, and less warmongering Muslim smurf Ahmadinejad). There is not a single reason for this shameful insanity, or?

The Nobel Committee said he won it for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples".

Yeah, riiiiight. Like when he entices racism and accusing police officers doing their jobs for being racists? Or is it how he continues to accuse Iran for getting tha “bomb”? Maybe it’s the destruction of the world economy or the eminent collapse of the USD they refer to?

The committee highlighted Mr Obama's efforts to support international bodies and promote nuclear disarmament.

Mmkay… I wonder which president that hasn’t “promoted nuclear disarmament”? And US could eliminate a thousand nukes and still have enough of those phallus shaped rockets to destroy the world. Or are they referring to the sword-rattling towards North Korea and Iran? Or is it a thanks for NOT closing down Guantanamo? Is this a ‘thank you’ for continuing to kidnap and torturing supposed “terrorists”?

Within this I also think the main reason for this madness can be found. “To support international bodies” – is the key phrasing. At the very least we can soon expect one or two Norwegians getting appointed to high seats within NATO or IMF. Quid pro quo.

But this is actually the benign interpretation of this scam. I think there is a much more sinister reason. The expanding talks about the New World Order have gain momentum lately. More of the high and mighty is arguing for a world currency, a world government and much more unilateral agreements within the same outlines, and the American President is at the top of this hill, he’s a shame, a puppet, but he is there and brings “hope” to the idiots.

Kissinger once won this prize (1973), so there is no real surprise that his protégé with the strings attached gets the same one. Also, when this excuse of a front figure and head representative of our enemies goes out to impose even more fascism, start new wars or urge us to take the vaccine, this makes it slightly harder to argue against the guy.

Oh, and the total scam of global warming - remember the lying bastard Al Gore that also won the Peace Prize? Well, this makes it easier for them to enforce their global scheme of taxation, and since, among others, Evil incorporated, Goldman Sachs owns lots of release rights, they can, again, steal billions from easily duped sheople.

The agenda seems all too clear now, very scary future we are heading for.

I’m wondering, is this a wake-up call for some of you? It’s time to get out of that slumber now, time to shrug of that shroud they have put over your eyes. Look around you. How much more evidence do you idiots need?


  1. Everyday we're getting closer and closer.
    The Rotschilds and The Rockefellers will make their Plan come true.

  2. Daniel Berg, SwedenOctober 9, 2009 at 2:14 PM

    How the hell can the committee give the price to Obama for promoting nuclear disarmament? USA would NEVER go after the other 4 countries (Russia, UK, France, China) that they have contracts signed with, regarding accepting nuclear weapon capabilities. So how can Obamas cherry-picking be of ANY weight and not interpreted as superficial and meaningless? That's bullshit to anyone knowing the slightest about global military and politics. I've never seen such a political decision regarding this peace price. Obama hasn't even had the time to do anything. Frankly I do not know what he is supposed to have done in the name of peace.

    Also, as powerful as this committe is, and obviously it's an allie to US, but I have also seen obvious signs leaders of US is seriously struggling and a sort of timeline has revealed itself the last months IMO.

    William Englund (famous economist) talks about delegates within the EU holding discussions about either keeping loyal and follow US Economy on its downhill journey or creating new treaties with China and other eastern countries for the future. This discussion is obviously a new historical direction and highly controversial and isn't held publically, says Englund. He describes the delegates state as 'schizophrenic' since they are torn between who they are supposed to be loyal to. He alludes that it's obvious what their answer will be but they're right in that shift of paradigm, right now apparently. He known a great deal of these delegates personally I might add.

    We all know the dollar will collapse but have no real timeline. It all depends on how long the creditors (China) will bail them out. I believe the brutal failure in getting the 2016 Summer Olympics to Chicago was a first sign that the heavily european influenced IOK have turned their backs on the US. The IOK is also made up of very influential european elite and sponsored by even more. It's logical to think that the snubbing of Chicago was sanctioned by this very elite. They obviously thinks US will have fallen or be of dramatically less significance come 2016.

    Also last week it was the case of a bunch of arab countries wanting to get rid of setting the pricing of oil in US dollars. This is supposed to go through 2018. That would obviously reduce the US dollar to a second-rate currency (like the swedish Krona) and would have dire consequences for the US market. Last time anybody wanted to do this it ended in the Iraqi war*. It's that serious issue for USA.

    Also according to graphs, the US national debt will have doubled the year 2019 and it's unthinkable anyone would lend that much money to US that long.

    I know that you have a more aggressive timetable regarding when the dollar and US will crash but I think it will take a little longer with some steady decline for some years. But it's interesting to see all the signs that nobody will support the US when they go down.

    This got long. Thanks for your blog!
    // Daniel Berg, Sweden

    *Shortly before USA going in IRAQ it was known that Iraq prepared to go away from pricing their iraqi oil in US dollar and going with another currency completely (can't remember which). The theory that the Iraqi war was mainly sprung from USA fearing losing money over the currency change combined with the benefits of war (snatching Saddam) and ceasing oil assets is nowadays considered the best explanations for that war. Obviously the 'weapons of mass destruction' was bullshit, but readers knew that.