Friday, October 9, 2009


This is the funniest thing ever: The Obamination wins the Nobel Peace Prize!!

So the destroyer of the American economy joins the father of terrorism, a couple of fascists, and countless of lying deceitful bastards that has won this prize before.

The pick-pocket in Chief is waging several wars at the moment, very peaceful he is indeed. And even funnier, he is sending more troops, expanding the war efforts and the only positive number during this year within the American economy compared to last year, is an increase in military shipments and military material!! He’s a worse warmongering President than the hairless chimp before him!!

And this person hasn’t even been president for a year yet, and the crazy Norwegians give him the Peace prize!!

I wonder what they say when he starts the next war and/or expand the current ones?

I cannot stop laughing… It’s un-phantomable… This goes beyond comprehension, it’s fictional, unbelievable. I’m actually lost for words, although one should have seen this coming... oh, wait... I did...

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  1. First Kissinger!!! and now Obama. Haha what a joke. The Nobelprize means absolutley nothing. Its just a freakshow.