Friday, October 9, 2009

I’m going to hell – oh yeah!

Joined a long discussion last night regarding a video that depicted young kids, around 8-9-10y old, in some African or South American country dancing in a very sexual way, eagerly cheered on by their “teachers”. The adult teachers later joined in and danced with them in true rap-video fashion.

Now this was kind of explicit, but as anyone that has travelled around knows, such things go on here and there and aren’t necessarily directly sexually linked. It can have fertility connections, or just be an ancient ritual. It can be the way religiosity is shown, or it can be the way people have fun. All you haft to do is to watch some kids training for a carnival watch some good-luck dancing in Central Africa or even take a look at some cheerleader practice, and you find similar expressions. This I happened to point out, not as a defense, but rather a way of offer an alternative explanation to the very harsh condemnations in that discussion. This discussion happen to be mainly for US citizens of the more deeply Christian belief, you know, bible-thumping people with very clear opinions.

So, needless to say, I got accused of being a leftie, a pedophile, I loved Obama and his killing-babies policy. All in all, very hilarious, but the real fun didn’t start until some person said I should heed the word of God, because then I happened to mentioned I’m a atheist and couldn’t care less what some fictional character might think. Oh, how fun it was.

One person said I was going to hell, and I agreed, if there is such a place, I’m going there for sure. With the exception for murder I have broken all of the commandments. Well, I’m a bit unsure about the adultery part, does it count if you never been unfaithful but fucked a lot of girls that have been? I love sadomizing, I hold mammon as the true God, and I have done pretty much every “immoral” thing those religious nut-jobs claim is horrid.

But, even worse still, I have happily broken commandments and not only one time, no, several times over. No remorse, no regrets about it, and I hold it very plausible that I'll continue breaking those religious rules.

Also, if there is a God and he really is omnipotent, then he already knows what I think of him and his stupidities. And if he doesn’t, I’ll make sure to tell him if I ever get the chance. That stupid cloud-dwelling bastard should be spit at by everyone ever suffered in this or any other world.

So I’m going to hell, if there is such a place. And who would like to go to a happy, tranquil place filled with know-it-all people anyway? I rather go to that big BBQ cavern filled with journalists, politicians and lawyers. Hopefully Satan acknowledges my marketing skills and gives me a job within that department.

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