Friday, October 23, 2009

Supplementary morons

Apparently some Swedish artists are going to perform tomorrow at some event in order to promote climate awareness.

One of the bands is ‘Those dancing days’. I used to like those girls, well I sort of suspected they had some crazy political affiliations, but many of the best bands of the world do have leftie opinions, so most of the time you need to ignore such insanity. But first their latest record, that was crap, and now some song about the climate? I don’t care if the lead singing girl is hot like hell, I actually care more about intellect than looks.

Hot and sexy crazy babe

Again, this cannot be said enough times. There is no evidence of manmade global warming. Not a single one. Nada! Zip! Zilch! Nothing!

Take a look at any report those enemies of the people spit out, read their statements, and check their arguments. It’s all bogus and don’t contain a single shred of evidence. Not even a single one.

All they do is they show you a falling ice-sheet, they put up a picture of some cute cuddly Bear, and then they throw up a graph with some bend, and aspect you to be terrified. After that they show a movie with smoke coming out of chimneys and some cars going by, all accompanied by some spooky voice stating how terrible it is to own house pets because they cause de-forestation


No, it’s not only a scam, it’s the biggest trickery, the biggest lie, the most outrageous madness ever pulled out of a hat in the history of the human race.

All the science, all the evidence, all the real scientists says it’s a scam. Why does anyone listen to the übermenchen that only wants to control your life and tax you to death?

People are such idiots, and this is the ultimate test. If you believe in what the alarmists are saying, if you buy the total lunacy of manmade global warming, that’s the sign of alarmingly low synapse activity. Are you sure you’re able to breathe?


  1. Excellent post! We're talking about the same thing and referring to you here.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that. :)

  3. Have you read the new paper by Lindzen & Choi that according to sources is the REAL end to the debate?

    Sadly my science skills haven't allowed me to understand all of it yet (will take a few weeks), but from what I'm told, it pegs the "climate sensitivity" of the atmosphere at 1/6th of what was previously assumed, and this measured from 20 years of satellite data (ergo - if the earth warms, it radiates out more heat and thus cools, and vice versa. Kind of logical for a closed-equilibrium-system, and now its proven).

    Unless this paper is debunked or covered up (and its already spreading), the IPCC has NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING left. It doesn't matter how many graphs they cut and paste, because even if it was 55 degrees warmer RIGHT NOW, that temperature would subside.....

    HA-FRIGGIN-HA at the climate alarmists.

  4. Doing a quick read I would say they summorize it good on page 2, all you really need to know. Although I would probably say you need an understanding of the whole process to really grasp it and the report. Not really a mainstream thingy and as such it will be ignored.

    Good reading though and I can certainly find use of it. :))