Friday, October 23, 2009

My name is Cornholio

Bunches of bungholes disguised as elected frauds in Denmark, are waging a war against its own citizens. Just like the Mexican and Brazilian (and everyone else) counterparts they were not satisfied with telling people what to eat, drink or snort, nohoho… they also need to induce the, in comparison with themselves, less criminal elements of bikers and such to wage internal struggles over power and drugs.

And, of course, the government’s response is more police on the streets, harsher penalties, more tax money thrown everywhere and war-like rhetoric in order to move the focus from themselves towards the more peaceful gangsters of Hells Angels and other similar gangs.

This is very simple folks, it has been tried thousands of times by virtually every government throughout history, and it has always, without exception, failed. Do you know what Einstein called the very essence of insanity? He said that insanity is: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

The Americans tried to outlaw drinking, it gave birth to the Mafia and, of course, people drank like they never did before or since. Even the communists in the Soviet Union tried it under the rule of that funny man Stalin, they failed miserably. If a totalitarian regime with close to total control of the populace with the threat of getting shot or moved to Gulag couldn’t stop people from taking drugs, why the hell does anyone think it ever can be done?

It can’t.

They will always fail because of two very simple facts.

Fact 1:
People want to take drugs. It can be alcohol, cocaine or smelling a pair of old socks, but people will do it. Always have, and always will. No matter the religion, no matter the regime or the penalty. And if some drug becomes hard to get to, for whatever reason, they just move on to the next.

Fact 2:

The more ruthless the punishment, the higher the risk becomes - and so the higher the profits and gains grow to be. And if the police get one or two thugs of the street, it only means that the profits grow for the ones left hence an open invitation for new competitors that will try to get some of that money. Close down one drug-factory and two others emerge. If the government successfully shut down one gang, there will be another one, or two.

Do you know why they still try it and why the propaganda machine with the spin-doctors still sells us this con? Because of control and power. The government gets a purpose, to fight crime. They get an incentive to take taxes to pay for this scheme. And you, the people, are scared, and where do you turn? To the very people that created the mess in the first place, the biggest criminals, the elected frauds of your government.

Every day people die, not only in government created drug-wars, but by bad information and bad drugs. On an open market were you can decide over your own body, and not have the government making that decision, drugs would be sold at any supermarket, effectively cutting the head of all the gangs and mafia without shooting a single shot. And in a blink of an eye, better information and market controlled substances with less level of danger would be available.


  1. well written, if only more could see it. or wanted to, it's depressing really

  2. Nah, this is the fun part of the fascist control-grid, because they cannot stop it and people can do drugs in the open and never get caught.

    Worse is how the economy and the rest of our lives is treated, but it’s all the same thing really. You are a serf, a property of the state and of the politically correct. Damn you if you ever wander away from your responsibilities as slave.

  3. funny? well I guess, if you're into black humour, such a waste of lives. so utterly pointless.

    am I a coward for wanting to run away from this? to live my life far from doctrines and morals, just to act for myself and those I care for? I just can't feel any loyalties anymore, I'm empty. and the only other feelings left is hate and contempt

  4. I was there a couple of years ago, then I re-discovered humour and that o so funny attribute, Vodka, which I'm drinking right now by the way...

    I don't believe in saving the world, people are too stupid for that to ever happen. However, you can have fun watching the spectacle from the sideline.

    Relax, come to terms with that people are idiots, and watch them run around trying to understand why they are dying. Funny stuff!