Friday, October 23, 2009

The showcases most go on

While the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation does it very best to give BNP higher approval ratings and more followers, the Great Leader of Britain, the one-eyed Scottish madman, have another disastrous GDP-number to tackle . Unlike many European counterparts that actually manage to fiddle the numbers enough to show positive “growth”, Neulabour cannot even manage that. The current UK administration is the worst government in modern time, and most likely one of the worst in recorded history. You cannot mess things up more even if you try.

Just like the rest of the enemies of the people Gorgon Brownie and Co are living in a world that is so, so far away from our own dimension of reality, you can expect them to be beamed away at any second. But unlike their counterparts in other countries, they cannot even handle the simplest task of manipulating some numbers. Well, there is also the fact that UK is in such mess that even magic tricks wouldn’t work, but still, hats off to NeuLabour, good show mates.

Looking around at discussions handling the news that GDP fell 0.4 percent from the previous three months, some argue that France, Germany and Japan have left the recession since they have positive GDP-numbers, this is, of course, not true. GDP can be manipulated easier than you can make lemonade; all any government need to do is to slash imports or increase spending and volá, positive numbers. This is the scheme being perpetrated by our elected criminals and the central banksters.

You see, it’s all about GDP, and not actual wealth-creation or us producing things, no, it’s a fictitious swindle that everyone from cornflake economists to that person looking back in the mirror believes in. It’s an enchantment of the mind being packaged, sold and maintained by clueless journalists and mainstream pundits.

Meanwhile, in the real world, economies are being held up by the printing machines endless ruckus, by the schemers borrowing from each other and from constant market manipulations. Most stock-markets, the US in particular, are so overvalued thanks to the hoax, that when they crumble and falls, and they will, it will dwarf the “Great Depression”. You will look fondly back at the 30s and argue that was the good old times. And the real numbers are there, you don’t need a degree in finance to find them or understand them, all you need is the mathematical understanding of a 12y old and the will to actually seek out the facts.

The biggest heist in the history of mankind has just taken place in front of your eyes, and the illicit tricksters and con-artists that performed this crime are the ones claiming to be our saviors. The very people that brought us this crisis, the ones that didn’t see it coming, they now claim to have saved the day by this magic number of presto-o-change-o GDP. It’s like something out of a fable; there is not a single science fiction writer or cartoon storyline that come close to this absolute insanity that goes on right now.

And people all over the world either don’t care or turn to other madmen with basically the same agenda just trickled over a wee bit with some anti-immigration policies or some slick socialist rhetoric. Why does anyone question why I regard all of you as complete idiots?

If you really knew what goes on, and you should, as said it doesn’t take more than an hour of your life with a calculator checking the numbers, you would be out on the street with pitchforks and torches. The moment you realize how screwed you’ve been, and that they continue to fuck you over with rusty appliances, that moment you’ll go berserk.

Or will you?

You are a lazy bum and an indoctrinated buffoon, maybe it’s too hard to lift that fat ass, put down the beer and pay attention? And even if you did, it then takes another much bigger effort to actually do something about it. Nah, you won’t do that, and since there are no heroes left in the world, we are going to get it, get it real good, and let’s face it, we deserve it.


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