Saturday, October 24, 2009

The solution no one wants to hear

Some of the media is asking the question of what to do about “extremists” parties with fascist or anti-immigration policies. The solution to this problem, as with basically everything else, is very simple, all we need to do is to eliminate government from the equation.

Our enemies don’t want to hear this, of course. Most of them live off government, by government and for government.

And what they certainly don’t want to hear is that most, if not all, of the problems that as to do with immigration as well as everything else, exists because of government.

6 simple steps to get rid of this “problem”

1) Eliminate all welfare, all of the programs all the social engineering.
2) Eliminate all laws that hinder people from doing whatever they want with their own lives
3) Eliminate all laws of political correctness
4) Eliminate all other laws with the exception of those that are about aggression or threat against each others.
5) Eliminate all form of punishment except for a very few ones in accordance to nr 4, and make those few remaining really hard
6) Eliminate all forms of “wars”; no matter if it’s about the war on drugs, the war on terror or actual wars in other countries. This will come automatic from above

In essence, get the hell out of the way!

If nothing of this is done, just live with it. It’s that simple. Either we really change society and let people be free, or we learn to live with communists, fascists, racists and try to keep the problems low or sweep them under the rug as is done mostly today.

There you have it, the solution.


  1. It'll never happen because, as you say, too many people depend on it.

    Change has to happen gradually, or via revolution. We might see the former if we vote for those we trust to bring about change. And that probably means not voting for Lib/Lab/Con.

    Off-topic: This might interest you. How many swine flu deaths resulted from the vaccine or Tamiflu (note its side-effects), rather than the actual flu?

  2. It will never happen, because new form of "governments" will be created by people like you and me. Just like they were created at the beggining of civilisation...

  3. Ur pretty much an naive anarchist.

  4. If you actually read, you'll find out I'm not an anarchist. But that was too much to ask yeah?

  5. Haha about 3 out of 9 million people in sweden depens on some kind of walfare be it social security FK or A-Kassa. If you romvoe that you will have a civilwar that will utterly destroy this country. I say no thx to that.

  6. Oh, and whom do you think pays for that welfare? Santa? The Easter Bunny perhaps? Idiot.

    People are paying themselves welfare. That’s a fact. And in the process they also pay for the politicians administration teams, the departments etc. In other words, if we cut all welfare, people would actually have more money over in addition to being free to make own choices.

    As said, if you want more fascism, living with racism, then we keep the current system. Accept that and stop complaining. If you want to eliminate those kinds of –isms then change the country. It’s very easy.