Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ahhh, that poor little convict…

An inmate in a Swedish prison in the town of Gävle, have filled for reimbursement for personal damages. He got SEK 18300, it’s about £1600.

What he did? Oh, the humanity! He hurt his little finger, the pinkie, or ‘pinky’ if you’re American.

This crying 46y old didn’t hurt himself during a riot or in a macho fight with some other inmate. Nor did he get bashed by the guards for smuggling in drugs. Nope, he played ping pong. Apparently he hit the table edge during a game.

I know what you must be thinking – but this isn’t a high security place, so they are allowed to play games, watch TV, surf the net and so on. Pretty much like a resort, only locked doors that someone keeps an eye on. Well, the same goes for the high-security places in Sweden as well, but anyway, that’s not really my worry here, I’m feeling a bit concerned for this criminal’s future.

What will the other inmates think? Does this really rank high in coolness factor? I mean, it’s hardly the sort of thing you use to get a tattoo like “I killed a cop” or “I love mum”. And it’s hard to see how this as something that can get you promoted or voted into some gang.

The macho and really cool thing to do would to have continued to play the game, won it, then cut of the pinky because it was in the way, and then mail to some former victim, just for the fun of it. Now that is something to respect, crazy and stupid, but never the less some points could be handed out for it.

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