Saturday, October 24, 2009

The contradictory scenario

I’ve earlier complained about Germany’s fictitious GDP increase, however, it is also true that the Germans are in better shape than many others i.e. only screwed, and in particular they still have the production capacity and do produce lots of stuff that many other western nations don’t do anymore.

Now the new German government has issued tax-cuts and a more reasonable economic policy which makes a very interesting future scenario come to mind.

US of A is in huge trouble at the moment. The American economy is so deep in shit a depression of giant proportions is just around the corner. There is no hope of anything else than many years of economic meltdown, and with new totalitarian laws popping up faster than Obama send more troops to his illegal wars, the situation doesn’t look good. Add in the manic printing of dollars, the cult-following of the president and lots of other fun things, and we have in fact a situation that is pretty much the same of that Germany had during the 20s. The countries may have traded places. Not completely the same, of course, but there are enough similarities to imagine a scenario wherein US end up in a civil war and/or goes on more confrontational escapades, and that Europeans, Germans in particular, sooner or later need to come to the rescue alternatively to stop the Obamination or whoever is in charge.

Okay, I do agree that neither of this is very likely, but the picture I just painted is kind of fun to imagine, isn’t it? And it’s not a completely inconceivable future either. Just envision German tanks on US streets saving Americans from an oppressive regime, or, worse, helping the sitting government impose more fascism.

Haha… now that would be entertaining!

But even if that is very unlikely, there is a country that may actually be even deeper pile of manure then the US, namely United Kingdom. And in that case, I would definitely not rule out bunches of EU-troops helping out quenching rebellions or “protect” any (un)lawful government.

Interesting times indeed…

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