Saturday, September 5, 2009

The parts of NWO that doesn’t add up

For many years now I have found myself on the same side as many conspiracy freaks and tinfoil hats that I normally, historically speaking, would regard as complete idiots. This doesn’t completely work for me and consequently I feel obligated to point out several things that do not add up, and, in fact, hurt the real cause needed to be fought. We need to focus on the real issue; the proven fact that we are being screwed, not chase after ghosts or fight windmills. What that wrongly focused effort does, even if there is some degree of truth to it, is to make everyone fighting the good fight into freaks, nerds and weirdoes.

Firstly I want to state that there are truths to The New World Order conspiracy theory. That rich and powerful men (and the occasional female) plot in secrets rooms and plan how to get wealthier and more powerful isn’t something new, that sort of thing has gone on throughout the ages and is most certainly going on today. That such groupings are prepared to assassinate presidents, blow up buildings or overthrow governments I also hold for truth simply because it’s a historical fact that it has happened before, and that the quest for more money and power often leads to “rational” decision in that regard. You only need to look at a local political council or even your local home-owners association to find intrigues and power hungry individuals that plot to gain more influence.

The higher up in the food-chain we get, the more are at stake and consequently the actions required to gain the upper hand gets both more intricate and bloodier.

I also believe that banks and certain institutes work together in order to lobby, influence and bribe politicians and gain market shares through regular frauds and criminal behavior. Nothing really strange about this either and it goes well together with what I write above. That certain individuals use some of these organizations, banks or secret societies to force their will upon others should, consequently, not come as a surprise to anyone.

In addition to above I’m very convinced that many of these individuals or groups have secret hand-shakes, symbols or even their own language. Because it’s cool. It is. Think about it yourself and look back at your own childhood having imaginary friends, building tree-huts only boys could enter or clubs only for the rich girls in your neighborhood. Often enough you too invented phrases, hand-shakes or had a secret meeting place. And people (mostly men I’m sad to say) do not really grow up in this regard.

And let’s admit it, who wouldn’t wanna be involved in some Satan-worship or be a member of an exclusive club? And if you can gain power, influence or riches through such a club, it’s fantastic and almost every person on the planet that is honest about it would gladly be a member.

So of course there are some Freemasons, sorority unions, Illuminati, Bilderberg or whatnot roaming around patting each other’s behinds and swearing oaths over skulls. I have myself been a part of such a club but left since there was too much religion and too much ridiculous behavior within. Most of these organizations are, however, harmless, just pansy ass fun and some people getting together to have a beer or find new friends, which I do better through vodka and changing bed now and again.

I have also met several persons, and know there are lots more, that have no problem whatsoever selling out friends, relatives or a normal life in exchange for power, a seat in parliament or getting ahead in some company. It’s at least as common as in soap-operas to sleep, cheat or steal in order to get to the top; in fact those kinds of actions are almost always necessary to get there.

Finally I do believe that our enemy elitists are capable of pretty much anything. Starting wars, murdering innocent people, staging a coup d'état or emptying the treasury to get whatever they want is nothing to many of those in power. It’s just everyday life. Add all this together and you have the basics for the New World Order conspiracy theory, but somewhere around here it stops for me.

Frankly it gets just a bit too weird when nut-jobs start to talk about owl-gods, reptilians taking over the world, aliens walking among us, Nephilim, some invisible planets or crap like that. I know that those “out-there” people are fringe individuals, but they kind of take the edge of the real fight. And I’m also deeply anti-religious and truly believe that all religions are based on madness. But this post isn’t really about those loonies that probably would fit better in a mental ward; instead I’m going to focus on some more “regular” theories that come with NWO.

I also need to point out that if one goes out looking for something you are sure to find it. You can try it yourself. Invent a secret society and imagine them having the secret number of 651 (or whatever) as their code, then go out and look for this number. I promise you, you’ll find it everywhere. And looking at the NWO-thingy there is lots of talk about pyramids, the All Seeing Eye and so on. But the fact is that people like certain symbols, animals or numbers, always have and always will. So if many companies use such symbols it makes it marketing, not necessarily a conspiracy. I do haft to admit all those things on the dollar bill (and some other things) seem a bit too peculiar to be a coincident and as mentioned I do believe some of these groups use certain attributes, but I’m still a bit skeptical just because of what I just told you.

My reasoning stands on six assumptions which I hold as very plausible certainties:

1) Those in power are “logical” and “rational” in their own way. They are not crazy murderess fiends just because they do murder and steal and plot, they rather use available tools to get what they want. We may conceive this as evil, and it is, but the evilness is not the point, the power, the money and the influence is the point.
2) They have a sense of self-preservation; it stands to reason that they want to live and those groupings are not suicide cults.
3) There is not only one group, but several, and those groups do not always get along. I find it highly unlikely that people of different countries, religions, color, occupations and organizations that have been around for different amounts of time always finds common ground. These are power hungry elitists and greedy opportunists (in some cases with altruistic agenda). As always this also means competition and so there are no way one can see an all-out worldwide conspiracy in the way one would normally think of one. I know NWO is regarded as mainly an Anglo-American-(European) plot, but it would be stupid to consider this as the only one around.
4) Many of these people (mainly politicians) actually think they are doing the right thing. Such individuals may have religious, political or altruistic reasoning, but I’m convinced that several of those people exist among the power elite.
5) NWO isn’t necessarily a “plot” in the meaning that these people always sit around smoking cigars and agree upon what should happen next. I would rather argue that their common ground of power-seeking and greed brings them together now and again to do stuff. I think the “conspiracy” is a bit loosely kept and not (at least not always) a hardliner bunch that have been around for centuries looking for a way to rule the world. I’m not saying this cannot be, I’m just saying it is not very likely.
6) I do ignore all religious aspects (idiocy) and any kind of alien influence which is so highly unlikely it’s ridiculous to talk about it. Go buy all seasons of the x-files if you want to see some of that crap.

What I do not buy:

There are so many people arguing the case that this terrorist attack was staged, either by bankers or some CIA-controlled groups with Osama Bin Laden as front-figure or maybe even a mixture. We have “evidence” for certain materials being present, buildings collapsing the wrong way and explosions being heard. All of this is, to me, completely secondary. IF this was a staged attack; there would be hundreds, or even thousands knowing about it. And IF this is the case - and since we can say with absolute certainly that if someone of these individuals came forward with evidence he or she would instantaneously become rich and famous beyond belief, it makes the whole notion wrong.

There are literally billions to be earned through book-sales and movie-rights alone. What always trump every theory is the present of greed. There is no way hundreds or thousands of people (or even only tens of) would all stay silent with that cash, fame and status at stake. This is, however, also the reason for many conspiracy people to try to capitalize on this tragic event, which in turn also makes the whole argument fall flat. Wouldn’t a government or institution be capable of such an act? Of course they would and there is a petite chance this was so, but as said, I believe that to be beside the point. I believe that this event has a very slim change of actually being a conspiracy or part of one, and that’s not the kind of odds anyone with a brain would play.

Genocide/eradication of people
Apparently there are some stones called ‘The Georgia Guidestones’ that contain the message of: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” And because of those and other factors there are a lot of people believing that the elitists in charge (the conspiracy elite) want to kill some billions of people in order to have a more containable number.

I have never really understood the reasoning for this supposed part of the conspiracy. Firstly there is no problem whatsoever for this earth to sustain hundreds of billions of people, no matter what some idiot tree hugging freaks claim, and I do believe many of the elitists are fully aware of this, even if they say the opposite talking about the environment.

There is really no rational reason for murdering billions of people. For example there is no money to be earned, power maybe...

Secondly such a genocide with children dying in agony, people suffering everywhere and unprecedented pain all over, would touch the heart of the most evil of men. Thirdly, again, greed, billions to be earned for the whistle-blower and again, hundreds or even thousands would know about it, and as said there is no way such a plan would stay secret for very long.

Fourthly, and possible the most important bit, is the fact that those in power need to be absolutely sure they don’t get infected; they need to have the cure or in other ways be shielded from getting hurt. Such a 100% protection is almost impossible to achieve and consequently the potential plotters are also at risk.

Of course some viruses or bacteria have been created in labs and maybe got lose, or even let lose, but I see no solid argument for this part either. Maybe some stupid scientist or religious nut-jobs may fuck us all someday, but the validation of this part of the NWO-puzzle isn’t there. I don’t buy it.

Swine flu and the vaccine? Well, I wouldn’t take the vaccine, but that’s because of lack of proper testing and not knowing the long-term consequences in addition to having faith in my own immune system. Swine flu is very harmless, maybe it will mutate, who knows, but until that happens, fuck the ridiculous flu. IT’S FLU!! Not the end of the world, idiots.

Third World War

The reasoning for me ignoring this stupidity is basically the same as above, but with even more focus on the notion of safety. WW III would include nuclear holocaust and radioactive materials destroying large part of the planet for thousands of years. There are very few places that would actually be safe and as a result those that would plan for such an event would be in grave danger themselves, so that would never happen, at least not intentionally.

I would, however, not rule out this scenario completely, but then as a result of economic meltdown, dictators coming to power as a result and so on. Just imagine if Hitler and everyone else would have had nukes in the back-pocket when those funnies took place. So there is a risk here, and I do believe those in power knows this and sees the NWO with a world currency and so forth as a guarantee that this does not happen. They will most likely offer that as a solution, and presto, NWO becomes a reality. So they may probably use the threat of WW III as an excuse, but actually launching such an event will never be their intention.

Contaminated tap-water and so on
Some NWO-arguments revolves around the elitists trying to slowly poison us, making us dumber through chemicals or even kill us through certain additives in tap-water. Even if we ignored everything with risks and such already mentioned above, what’s the point? Why would these oligarchs and power elitists risk exposure through such actions when all they need to do to keep us occupied is to use the media and fabricate stories?

The elitists can rely on the laziest group of all, journalists, to keep spreading the lies, they can always move companies or investments to keep governments under their thumbs and people are such morons and are so gullible that they believe almost anything.

Sometimes you hear people saying they do not understanding how the Germans could have done the things they did in the 30’s and 40’s, which always bugs me. A vast majority of today’s people would happily, gladly and voluntarily have join up with the Nazis (yes, even you). People have not learned anything from history, no matter how many information campaigns they hear.

Most people are morons and this fact those in power knows so there is no need to dumbing us down other than through the usual crap they feed us from media. PEOPLE CARE MORE ABOUT SOME DEAD PEDOFILE SINGER THAN A WAR!! For heaven’s sake, people don’t need to be dumber, if they did; they would all be vegetables and needed help with the feeding process, and who would then produce the riches that the elitists steal from us?

Nope, I don’t buy this crap at all.

However, there are other ways those in power tries to control us public schools for one. One can always rely on public schools and government curriculums to make us more susceptible to the lying and deceit. The only thing the public school does, and does it very well, is to teach people how to accept the world and not question too much of what those in charge are doing.

Lefties would complain about private schools, and my argument is sort of true in that case as well, but at least with private schools, you can choose to avoid the worst stupidities, with the government running things you don’t have that choice. This is a thread throughout and the main reason why socialism and leftie policies always will cooperate with the power elite much more than capitalism and libertarianism. A single entity (the state) can always easier be controlled than lots of companies and individuals acting together on the market.

The ideological enemies – the final note
The power elitists cannot, and will never, act according to libertarian beliefs, that’s a contradiction. Socialism, but even more so; fascism, is however right up their alley.

Anarchists, libertarians and people believing in individual choice are the enemies of the oligarchs and conspirators and consequently those ideas are the ones that get most ridiculed in media. To some extent this also goes for communists and “real” socialists, the problem with those ideologies, however, is that they, on the road towards those fluffy pink happy places, take control of the state and that puts us right back at the start again. You can never use the state, the government or the power elite to form a good society, because that is also a contradiction.

In other words, all those politicians and ideas wanting to make “good use” of the state, is very easily controlled and are playing straight into the hands of the power elite.

Social democrats, Liberals, conservatives with a “conscious”, religious idiots, feminists and environmentalists are all groups that want to use the almighty power of the state and will, consequently, always be loved by the elitists.

Those who want another society or even get rid of the state are the adversaries.

This is also why I don’t always see the people to the far left as enemies; in fact I would argue there are lots to be gain for anarchists, real socialists and libertarians if we worked together. The far left needs to realize that the true enemy isn’t capitalism or neoliberals, it’s the power structure.

And libertarians have no real problems with socialist societies as long as the people living therein do so of their own choosing and free will, if socialist could say the same, we could be allies and finally get rid of the power structure that is fucking us all.


  1. Folk är dumma, ordentligt så. Men eliten äger media och styr flödet så folket fördummas än mer. Eliten kan idag göra PRECIS vad som helst och knappt ngn reagerar, för media pumpar ut rökridåer, lögner, halsanningar och skit som folk "vill" och "orkar" höra. Folk tror idag att de är fria och lever i demokratier, INGET kan vara mer från sanningen.

    Gällande 11/9 bör du nog göra grundligare research....och innan dess titta i historien.
    Förutsätter att du även läst PNAC.s 90 sidiga dokument, om inte, gör det...

    Gällande svininfluensan hoppas jag innerligt du har rätt men misstänker att det kommer bli en mänsklig katastrof av stora propotioner.


  2. Yes, I do have looked through that report and read most of the stuff, but I have also checked the other side, which is, in this case, more believable. But as I write, I don't think that matters because greed will win such a debate. To make this work, there need to be firemen, police, military, politicians and so in on it, cosequently 9/11 can hardly be a part of the conspiracy. Its impossible to keep that amount of people quiet, at least not without any brain-alterations...

    Regarding the swiney thingy, lets see, but I don't see it, at least not regarding the flu. Maybe the vaccine. But if there is a conspiracy surrounding this, its an excuse, an pretence to impose martial law etc. The flu and the vaccine seem very unlikely.

    Otherwise we seem to be in agreement. :)