Friday, September 4, 2009

The funnies just keep on coming…

The other day Britain’s Finance Mentalist Darling (seriously, that’s his name) announced that UK would put in another £11bn into IMF. Germany and France have made similar announcements. Most of that money is likely being put away for some bigger projects - let’s see what the G20 meeting holds for us. But it has also come to my attention that Zimbabwe, you know, that wonderful little dictatorship in Africa with a fantastic monetary policy, is now being granted $500 million from IMF. How about that? It isn’t enough for our elitists to keep bailing out and practically paying banks to take our tax money, now they are giving it away to crocked states with murderess regimes as well. Maybe this is a ‘thank you’ to Robert Mugabe for showing us the way towards freedom and prosperity? Our beloved leaders are following in his footsteps using loans and the printing machine to fix problems, so this might very well be a gratitude loan. On an interesting side-note; do you know what currency Zimbabwe is using nowadays? The USD... Isn’t that interesting…

We are also getting to hear that the Bundesbank have most of its Gold in other countries, mainly New York. In New York, however, they say the opposite. So where is that gold? Well, according to several investigators, and a statement from the Bundesbank, the Gold (or at least part of it) has been "leased" i.e. lent to bullion banks for sale into the market in exchange for a tiny interest payment. In the meanwhile, despite this scam and several IOUs (that is probably not backed with actual gold) Gold continues to rise in price. Gold is, when this is written, just below $1000/ounce, climbing from $950 from the last time I told you all to buy gold. Since gold is highly underpriced because of the trickster’s moves on the markets, and since this depression will last for many years to come, I suggest you actually take my advice this time and buy gold. If you have stocks, sell. If you have a house or real-estate, sell. Put half that money into gold and the rest to pay off loans, mortgages or put it to other good use like buying guns.

And finally, another good signs of “green shoots” was announced regarding US unemployment that continues to rise. It is now up to 9.7%; the real numbers are, of course, much higher.

Yeah, today is just another day in the sunny and lovable world of the enemy class.

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