Saturday, September 5, 2009

It’s fun to waste other people’s money

Apparently some Swedish Astronaut is sliding around in space to the petite little cost of SEK 3.5 billion. One paper asks the question whether or not it’s worth the money. How about ask some nurses getting fired that question? How about some elderly people not being able to afford food for the day? How about some student living on pasta having no job to look forward to?

I have almost completely ignored this story because its old news, people have been floating around up there before and even gone to the moon, why should it be special just because one man happens to be born in Sweden? The whole thing is ridiculous on an epic scale - and I’m a science nerd.

If people want to build space-craft’s or take some walks far up in the sky, let them pay for it themselves. As usual it would be a lot better if the private sector would handle things like this; it would be cheaper, better run and we could abolish stupidities like NASA and other similar entities.

But, of course, many politicians think this is great, well then they can pay for it. The Swedish government can put up the money on the basis of politicians salaries, cutting our elected frauds expenses in half for the coming decade. If this happened I could almost feel it would be worth it.

And isn’t there a depression going on?

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