Monday, September 28, 2009

Our enemies are covering up failures

The Swedish central bank is issuing arguments that the smallest coin should be abolished and some new notes may be introduced. Just as other coins previous, the 50 öre coin (1/2 krona) might soon be scrapped.

During my lifetime I have experienced several coins disappearing and those older than me can claim even more failures being witnessed. One might assume that this isn’t so bad; it’s just in the way, carrying around some stupid little thing you cannot buy anything anyway. But that’s precisely the point, how did it become useless? Because of inflation, and inflation is created by the central bank and by the elected criminals that rule us.

Our enemies would like us to think that inflation is prices rising. Economic curses at universities will tell you this, politicians will tell you this, the central bank and statistic agencies will tell you the same, but never the less, it is wrong.

As an example of this stupidity we have the Economics Glossary that defines Inflation as:
“Inflation is an increase in the price of a basket of goods and services that is representative of the economy as a whole.”

Basically they want us to think that when prices goes down it is deflation (which according to cornflake economists is horrifying) and when prices goes up we have inflation (which according to the same economic loonies is pretty good, in smaller amounts).

This is utter stupidity, it’s totally wrong and it’s one pillar holding up the foundation of the enemy class.

The fact is that over time, with better equipment, faster production rates, new inventions, more things being produced, and with competition, prices should go down. In other words if you could buy a bicycle for SEK 100 fifty years ago, you should be able to buy it for SEK 10 today. Of course the opposite is true, it has instead increased tenfold when it should have gone down, so what happen? Inflation happened.

To a layman listening to mainstream media, inflation sounds very boring, it sounds complex and all those people arguing about whether or not inflation should be 2% or 3% are making everything as intricate as possible.

Here are a couple of reasonable questions:

If inflation isn’t bad, why not crank it up to 100%?

Why do we need a central bank manipulating interest rates to keep inflation down? Some inflation is “good”, so why not let it run amok?

Here is another fact for you; higher prices are the consequence of inflation, not the other way around. In other words, you have been lied to. If you knew that the price of milk going up is the fault of central bank manipulations and political decisions, wouldn’t you be kind of upset? Of course you would, so they don’t want you to find out.

Instead they can blame that mystical and sooo elusive “inflation” as a natural force that strikes without warning making us pay more for products. And then they can go out “battling” this foe, claiming to be protectors of the week. While they ride out on their white horses to fight that windmill they themselves have created, the spin-doctors go to work, arguing the case of bandits and thieves.

Why don’t they want you to find out what inflation really is?

Well, the first reason I have already mentioned, they don’t want you to put blame where it belong. If it’s a natural phenomenon handed down by some deity, what can we mere mortals do about it? And the consequence of this is, of course, that we get a whole bunch of educated learned scholars who “knows more” and can interpret the signs in the sky and consult some ouija-board to protect us from this horrifying inflation. And these guys don’t want to be questioned, what would they do if you found out the truth? The useless cunts would probably starve to death.

But there is another reason for our enemies to create inflation. TAXATION!

If there is one thing I would like you all to understand it’s the diabolical plan of “indirectly” increasing your tax by polluting the money. Almost everything that is being done to us, the reoccurring financial calamities, the prices at the grocery store, lower purchasing power, getting higher salary but still not being able to buy the same thing our ancestors did, all of this and much more can be directly linked to this hellish plot.

Basically, every time we print more money than is equivalent to what we produce, each note loses value. If each note loses value, it means we cannot buy as much for each note anymore hence prices goes up, and if prices go up, salaries need to follow, and so does company incomes and payouts, in affect taxation increases. Our governments can even lower taxes, but still rake in more money thanks to inflation. That moment when you realize this, that very second you understand the implication of this fact, you will stop listening to anything anyone of those evildoers say. You will also start to understand why equity markets are going up at the moment and why this depression is far from over.

Inflation is probably the most sinister plot ever conjured up by mankind. And what does the central bank do about this problem? They eliminate coins and notes and replace them with new ones.

This should make your blood boil and make you reach for that gun, but most of you haven’t grasped this yet so they can still fool ya. Don’t go lulling about like an idiot, look through the charade, don’t let them trick you any longer, get educated with real knowledge and laugh at the bastards. Some of our enemies are only idiots, of course, but some do know what they are doing, and those people are evil. How long will you let evil people rule you, fool you, eat for you, and shoot at you before you do something about it?


  1. Spot on!

    Check this out......!!

  2. This was nicely done! Excellent points and was well built.

  3. Anonymous:
    THanks, but I have already written about that several times. I have known about those manipulations for a long time. Pick up a calculator, look at the actual amount of gold and so forth and do the math. It does not add up. The actual price for gold is much higher today, and one day soon it will say pop and away we go.

  4. Yea we've all "known" that but this doc is for real.
    "Conspiracy" is facts.
    And the Kissinger angle makes this "news" really good.