Monday, September 28, 2009

Exposing the deceitful banksters

Now and again some of those lying, fraudulent, and apparent idiots we call journalists get it right. Most of the time, like in the case of Honduras, they normally fabricate news or cover up the real facts, but as said, sometimes they actually do their job, although mostly it’s a fluke or accident.

One example of this is how they actually write about and cover the giant payouts and extreme high salaries our banksters have. The banksters, even bigger tricksters and con-artists than government employed reporters, have stolen taxpayer’s money over and over again. They embark on useless maddening projects a chimpanzee could tell isn’t a good idea, and when they fail, they scream to the government to come and help them out. Politicians, inadequate fools as always, come to the rescue. And then our thieves and robbers at the banks can hand out bonuses like there is no tomorrow, raising champagne glasses and praising their own stealing skills while some minor criminals goes to jail for robbing one of those places of evil.

People are jealous, something journalists actually acknowledge so consequently it is good for media to report about how the rich and embezzling elite rubs elbows with each other while unemployment goes up among the normal populace. It sells papers, which is why they tell us those stories; otherwise they would probably defend the robbing barons, just as they defend the arch-criminal and dictator wannabe Zeleya.

SEK 5.4 billion is expected to be paid out in bonuses among the banksters this year in Sweden, despite new emissions of stocks and government bail-outs. Well, they did get paid for taking a couple of hundreds of billions from the central bank, so it’s not really surprising that some of all that money, curtsey of the taxpayers, goes to buy another BMW, to a new house or lavish parties.

Anti-hallucinogens does not help in this case, because it’s not an illusion how so called economists keep stealing from hard working people. Like the trumped up banking fees and how banks create money out of thin air isn’t enough, they also need to, in the open, get billions from our money to save them from their inapt stupidities.


Most of those people running banks, in any country, should be prosecuted or hanged by an angry mob. Instead they get billions upon billions so they can keep up the smoke-and-mirror game.

Why do we let them get away with this crap?

There is only one larger bank in Sweden actually working (Handelsbanken), it is still a place of malevolence, but they actually do their job. Let them buy up the crappier ones, or the government can take over the failures, chop ‘em up and sell to foreign or domestic alternatives. The system needs to be purged from these horrible institutes, the sooner the better. Let the market work, if they fail, they fail, let them go bankrupt. The beauty of capitalism is that the threat of bankruptcy holds frauds in check, if we encourage failures and throw money at faulty institutes, how will they ever learn? instead, government is saying that thievery is excellent.

The masterful criminals of our banking institutions should be dangling from lamp-posts, not getting billions of encouragement-money directly from hard working people’s pockets. It’s all a scam, it’s the enemy class working to its full potential, and you, the idiots in the general public, you let it happen.

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