Monday, September 28, 2009

The most useless bunch of them all

Journalism is supposed to be an honorary occupation - making sure that people’s voices are being heard, investigating the power elite, exposing corruption, conveying news in a way that is as unbiased as possible. All of this is, however, sadly not so. Instead they do everything they can to paint a glowing picture of our Great Leaders and their band of idiots.

In a way our wimpish journalists who apologize for our enemies, defend them, focus on the faults of others and/or puff them up, including speculating about their tribal wars of leadership, are the worst fiends we have.

I do not only speak of how our perspectives slowly have changed to care more about dead actors, break-ups among celebrities or what some wife to a semi-famous singer says, than we care about wars, starvation and economic calamities. This post is neither about the ownership structure of media or how government supports certain papers, but not others. These things exists and do pose a problem, however, this is about obvious lies and the continuation of extreme laziness among reporters.

Take the Honduran situation as an example. Here we have a proven liar, a person that aspires to be a despot, is friends with dictators and have been breaking so many laws in his country that even in Sweden we would consider the death-penalty. A person that have swindled tax money and is now trying to start a civil war to get his seat of power back, and what do our media say? They want him back in office!

Journalists all over the world ignore all those huge demonstration for democracy, but quote and report about the minor and much fewer pro- Zelaya ones. It cannot get more bias than that.

Whenever someone have died or got hurt that Chavez news network claims is the work of the democratic government, our journalists report about it, not even checking the facts. But all those monstrous actions - that is actually proven facts! - taken by Manuel Zelaya-supporters isn’t anywhere to be found.

All the facts, all the reason, all the rational, logical and democratic arguments are on the Honduran governments side, but is completely cast aside from the mainstream media. I don’t care if you are left or right in politics, this is about our journalists openly lying, openly hiding facts, and clearly they don’t give a damn about the Honduran people or democracy. I know this for a fact, because I have personally sent all necessary information needed to all major papers in Sweden. They don’t want to tell the truth, they are continuing with the lying despite knowing the facts.

This is the most apparent deceit our journalists ever embarked on!

I have been saying this for a while now, our predicament isn’t really about right or left, it’s about our enemies, the enemy class, lying to us, robbing us blind and ruling our lives with impunity. Yes, the banksters are criminals, yes there are horrid companies, but there are also horrid governments and all journalists and politicians are bastards. As long as we keep blaming the other side, we cannot win.

That’s what they want. Divide and conquer.


Another trickery journalists constantly is selling to us easily duped are all those reports they are referencing all the time. Please take the time to read through one or two of them, I have so far not found a single correct extraction. It’s horrible, and it gets worse because not only do our journalists ignore basic math or what the reports actually say, they also use headlines and certain out-of-context texts to convey an opinion. And remember, most of these reports are governments or involved companies so consequently arbitrary already from the start.

We are deluded morons with the grasp of reality of a stunned slug, and the main thanks for this submissiveness should go to our journalists.

Another report came out today regarding unemployment numbers in Sweden - just to show you what I mean about journalists covering up.

All major newspapers in Sweden are writing that unemployment is on the way down and that the number of people getting warnings about soon being layed off is decreasing. As usual they are also claiming, direct or indirectly, that Layman Brothers crashing was the problem, which it wasn’t. But let’s ignore the apparent lies about our current depression and instead focus on these unemployment numbers coming from a government agency.

105 854 more unemployed this month than the same month last year, is that a positive number? Apparently it is, because only 6.787 have got notice so far in sept 2009 according to preliminary numbers. The same number 2008 was 7.989. Of course it’s here they refer to Leyman Brothers, that the decline started earlier and that the economy was already falling before sept last year, is ignored. In other words they totally disregard the fact that the number last year was appalling in comparison with 2007.

It takes a lot of twisting and turning to make people losing jobs and unemployment continuing its climb into something positive, but that’s how they work.

But, of course, there is an explanation for these “positive” figures as well.
Because the number of people working with government benefits as an added bonus has increased with 9767 compared to the time last year. Oh my, could this impact anything? Nah, could it?

But the real kicker is an increase with 60 107 more people having activity support compared with last year, and this at the same time that we have a decrease in the number of available jobs from last year with 2.901.


Yes, they do, because compared to the week before we are seeing slight improvement IN THE FALLING! You know, if you are falling from a tall building or an airplane you will soon hit the maximum falling speed. It does not matter if you hit the ground from the 30th floor or if your parachute doesn’t open, the impact speed will be the same. I’m just saying…

And now they want us to even pay for our Internet visits? Paying for what? Bad journalism? Cover-up stories? Bias stupidities? The lies?



  1. I think you used the phrase "our journalist" about a million times. So if you own all the journalist, why don't you stop them from reporting all this nonsense? And if not, why don't you try to be a better journalist yourself (or is that what you think you're doing by writing on this blog)? Just on thing to remember as a real journalist: put some facts in the text.

  2. You mean like the fact that journalists are lying? I gave you two obvious examples of this, if you want more you can continue reading earlier posts or you can simply pick up paper chose any story and check it out for yourself. I would be very surprised to find a single report, a single story that actually holds its ground.

    When it comes to the language that’s my style of writing, not always perfect, English is my second language after all, if you don’t like it, don’t read it and go away. Until our elected frauds have imposed total fascist control over the internet, that is your choice.