Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The bigger the lie…

Our journalists keep lying about the economy, every day they try to sell us one crappy stupidity after the other. Apparently not a single one within this profession is interested in actual journalism – all they want is that donut to the morning coffee and a couple of stories from other papers they can spend 10min a day translating. The rest of the day they surf the net, call the wife, read a book or just gossip in the kitchen. They could at least try to find out where certain stories comes from and make a wee comment for the reader, a small disclaimer, but nah, printing lies and write down worthless quotations from some cornflake economist that cannot understand basic math is the rule of the game. Without a doubt journalists are the most overpaid, most overvalued and least working profession in the entire world. I dare anyone to find a profession that do less for more money. A slacking welfare-case high on heroin is hard working in comparison.

Let’s take a couple of funnies from today’s papers.

Among other hilarious news, 3 of Sweden’s biggest banks are quoted in today’s papers, all three are run by headless madmen and I don’t think they can put together one single economist even if they got to morph all employees into one single entity. They constantly need bail-outs and extra cheap money from the central bank while they hand out billions in bonuses and invest in stupid projects. In any decent runt universe all three banks would have gone bankrupt many years ago. Since the last time these banks needed the government to save them, about 17 years ago, they have horded cash, making billions in profits almost every year, but wow, all of a sudden, flash crash bam; they all need to be bailed out again. Incompetence is just a too nice word. How many times will Swedish tax payers need to bail out institutions that is so badly kept? Why not just make a direct tunnel into the treasury so each bank can siphon directly from our pockets, oh wait, that’s what they already are doing! Not a single person at any of these banks saw the crisis coming, not a single one of them have been predicting this right, but suddenly they come together in unison and get 15min of fame declaring the recession is over. Could there be a better sign of complete and utter catastrophe up ahead?

And have you guys read what they are really saying over and over and over again? The same thing! Those three banks have been quoted so many times now, all three saying almost to the letter the same thing; “this year growth is going down, up again next year and interest rates will come up again in April. Things are looking better [quoting some report that in fact is bad news] but there is still a risk for some hangover or setbacks.” Never fails, the same stupid line over and over again, and in reality not really great news now is it? But the spin-doctors within media take care of that – a nice positive headline, ignoring the facts and first grade math and there you have it, a pile of BS.

And while car purchases is continuing down to very low levels and unemployment continues to rise, people in Sweden are out shopping like there is no tomorrow and prices are going up in several sectors which is taken as a good sign by certain bank people. How is shopping a good sign in the world of madmen? Because it keeps GDP up, just like wild-fires, hurricanes or slave labor does the same. We haven’t produced more, increased productivity or been inventive or anything like that, no, we are just out buying things. This means we are getting poorer by the minute, even if GDP is going up in the future. You never hear anyone from the mainstream circle of crap telling you this fact, partly because they don’t understand that 1+1=2 and 2-1=1, and partly because they don’t want you to know. GDP is the shroud our enemies throw over our heads to shield us from that pesky reality. Ever wondered how GDP seems to be going up and up and up and you still can’t buy more than your grandfather did? Ever contemplated how families fifty or sixty years ago could survive on just one salary when modern day man hardly makes it with two? We are generally more productive than our ancestors, we have more stuff, more and better technology, but we still don’t seem to get that much richer despite GDP going up with several percent every normal year. Sit down and think about that for a moment, it all has to do with the plot of the enemy class to steal things from you without you even noticing it.

The Swedish deficit is now SEK 200bn, which is covered by borrowed money in order to keep spending up. Why are you letting them indebt your children? Even if you don't think about yourself, think about how you are letting them borrowing on the backs of the next generation. Why are you allowing this?

And again, we see these so called economists predicting that economic recuperation is taking place and the economy will get better and better while unemployment keeps going up… mmm… anyone else see the fault in this reasoning?

Again, think what they actually mean with “economy”, its GDP they talk about. It’s not better producing capacity, it is not higher productivity, it is not us making more things for less cost and within lesser time, no, it is only GDP they talk about. GDP can be increase 10% tomorrow; it is the easiest thing in the world. It’s just basic math. Increase government expenditures with 10%, or force people to borrow and shop things for 10% more, cut imports through protectionism with 10%. But my all time favorite is still to put all unemployed people in labor-camps and have them dig holes and fill them up again, over and over and over. Fantastic results for GDP. And if someone’s dies in that camp, hey, great, one less per capita to worry about…

Until you, the people see through this scam, they will continue doing it to you. And since I have very little hope of having the general populace understanding what 1+1 equals, the world is doomed. In fact, even if all you idiots out there suddenly realized how reality looks, it is still too late; the lurking mother of all depression cannot be stopped anymore. We can, however, afterwards take notes and understand so we don’t repeat the mistakes, but I have very slim hope of that as well. Basically; we are fucked.

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