Monday, August 31, 2009

Something big is about to happen - part II

I have said it before, but you better heed my warning. The markets have just gone from 3rd gear to 4th and now “Darling” have issued another £11bn to be thrown into IMF alongside Germany and France that’s doing similar things. Like the money that IMF-stupidity has isn’t enough... (In April at the London G20 summit, world leaders agreed to triple the IMF’s resources to $750bn to help emerging market and low income countries cope with the financial crisis).
At the very least many more stimulus are in the works. Please people, I have said this so many times now and I will continue to warn you until the shit have overflowed the fan. Go out, buy a gun, buy fuel, buy dried-up food-packages, candles, batteries, a long-wave radio, whatever you think is appropriate for lasting at least half a year. You are soon going to need it.