Monday, August 31, 2009

Protection comes with blubber

As I have already said in this blog a long time ago, diets and thin people are NOT better protected then obese ones, in fact every statistic show the complete opposite. It seems like fatty hamburger-nibbling idiots are the ones that are most protected from the Swine Flu. Of course some studies will need be done on the subject but the statistic shows this to be true. In other words, if some doctor claim a diet may protect you, I would be highly sceptic, as anything else regarding this ridiculous swine thingy.

Isn’t it time to move on to something else soon? We need a mutated virus that has crossed with some puppies and other cute things so all we have around us is murderess animals and the conclusion will become to kill ‘em all. Hopefully we can throw in some crop-DNA as well, burn all those down, so we can die from starvation instead of the flu. That is what I keep my fingers crossed for.

And as mentioned, I will never get the injection, but not because I'm overweight, I’m not, it’s because I don't trust the system, the companies or any government to tell us the truth. Besides, I have full faith in my immune-system and my body's army could use some enemies to fight now and again, that’s how I stay healthy. In fact I cannot remember the last time I was sick, I actually think it was some flu about 20 years ago and I don’t live healthy at all. My diet consists mainly of kebab, pizza, vodka and other alcoholic beverages. I smoke cigars, do snuff and I hardly ever sleep and I never care about things like germs. I do work out, but doing some training now and again is the only thing about me that’s remotely “healthy”. I have also hugged and partied with lots of people the last couple of months that has or have had the swiney flu. If all those things they try to scare us with were true, I would have died years ago.

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