Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Misled fools – wake up

Ever wondered why equities are on the rise? Maybe thought about how I can be so sure we are so seriously screwed it dwarfs anything before in history? Wondered how our enemies can claim things are looking better despite growing unemployment?

There are mainly two reasons why stocks are going up; financial institutes on steroids and a constant bombardment with positivism from pundits. I have already covered both of these swindles with journalists and politicians leading the charge of convincing all out there how terrific all those “green shoots” are. If one actually read and do a real analyze of those reports streaming in; they are fake and/or what we are being told is just the little tip of the iceberg. Just as any ice-berg most of it is below the surface, looming and drowning any hope of real recovery.

Most of you out there want to believe in this con, and I get it, you want to hear positive news in addition to maybe seeing the unemployment situation getting resolved so you can go back to your lives as it was before. But here is a notion for you; you can’t! The crisis isn’t over by far; in fact things have never looked grimmer. Please people; it is time to wake up from the slumber and smell the pile of manure “they” have put you in. Politicians have tricked you into voting for them, journalists sell you fabrications, pundits cover the airwaves with lies, financial institutes and big companies tell you certain things are needed to save them. All in all, you fall for it, you want to fall for it, and you eat it all up, all the crap. Here is another notion for ya; it means that you are really to blame for the mess we are in. We can play the blame-game for a long while and point fingers, but in reality, and in the end, you are the one that has fucked things up. The person looking back at you in the mirror are responsible for letting your kids, grandchildren and this entire world go straight down the toilet. You let them bully you around, you let them fool you and for a long time you haven’t cared. The freedoms our ancestors fought and died for, and all those people lying at cemeteries all over the world, all those citizens wanting a better future for their children, you have spat in their faces for too long.

The truth is out there, the free media has seen to it, why do you think politicians hurry to close it down whenever they can? Internet is humankinds most wonderful invention of all time, and our enemies wants to control it.

We are told that the world’s largest 15 financial firms have return to the capitalization they had in September 2008. We are told that stock-markets are going up because of markets doing better. We are being told that things are looking up since financial instates are doing better again. This is all a scam, and it’s a big one. Not only are these statements false, they are in fact the one and the same statement and this is why I can say, with absolute certainty, that we are going to have a financial meltdown of unprecedented size.

The prestigious paper ‘The Wall Street Journal’ claims that just five big financial stocks are behind the stock market’s rally in the US. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Citigroup, Bank of America and AIG account for nearly a third of market’s daily turnover. Yes, the very same financial institutes that are responsible for much of the trouble we are in and previously needed billions in bail-outs are leading the way. It seems that “everyone” is speculating on the banks…and moving them higher. Where does that money come from? The people with sky-high personal debts and with higher levels of unemployment than we have seen in 70 years? Companies that is showing faulting numbers? Some magic tooth-ferry? No, it all comes from governments borrowing and politicians using the printing machine to overflow markets with freshly bills. Because if you, the idiots, don’t do as you told through fictively low interest rates and constant bombardment of positivism, the government “needs to” step in and do the spending for you. And where does all that money mainly go? To financial institutes!! Getting the picture? Feeling angry yet?

How about China? Another main reason for things looking “better” at the moment is the growing GDP numbers from this huge economy. China is the main lender to several other countries, US for one that has sold close to 2 trillions of dollars to the Chinese. But Chinese banks sits on billons in bad debt and poisons loans and almost all of the supposed growth comes from governments stimulus that in turn is stimulating Japan and Germany to better numbers. And again, the same goes, hundreds of billions of government money is tunneled through those huge banks. Add to this growing unrest among the populace, low amounts of fresh water in mainland China and lots of other fun facts and the picture doesn’t look very good anymore. Getting the picture? Feeling a tingling sensation in your trigger-finger?

But what about those companies saying they see a light on the other side of the tunnel? Surely not all of them can be cooking their books? No, they don’t, but you know what? Who is actually showing better quarterly numbers? Its mainly three types of them: companies benefiting from growing stock-prices and new investments from financial institutes, and we have companies getting a kick from government subsidizes and bail-outs, and then we have companies that have emptied their inventories and last reserves to change their outlooks. People, i.e. you idiots, are also still shopping more then you actually can afford and governments are still borrowing hundreds of billions on the backs of the next generation to keep the scam going. Sure there are companies that not fall under any of these categories in addition to being well-kept, but do you really think that matters when all the rest come tumbling down when the real crashing commences? No matter what, you, the consumer is going to pay for it all, several times over. You’ll pay for it through taxation, both direct and indirect. You’ll pay for it through higher prices and inferior welfare. Our enemies have so many ways of making you pay for their lavish lifestyle its hilarious how they can get away with it. Getting the picture? Want to buy rope and find a lamp-post?

The average working man is the one getting the main arse-penetration by a 2by4 without lubrication. That’s average working man is you stupid, why do you let them do this to you?

But do you know what the really funny part is? The thing that makes me wakes up at night both laughing and planning to move to a deserted island? It’s the fact that all these stimulus’s, bail-outs, government loans and manic printing of new fiat money – it will not only end, it will also need to be paid back. The amounts getting spread around right now goes beyond anything ever seen in our history and it all goes to getting banks better numbers and keeping GDP up, and this scam is bad enough, but as said, it is also a debt accumulation that we will be paying for the rest of our lives, your children and your grandchildren’s lives. How anyone can think this, even if some “green shoots” are for real, makes our future looks bright should seriously check into a mental-ward.

Wanna know what's going to happen next? Read about what went on back in the 20's and 30's and how that turned out... But please remember, this time its a lot worse mess...

In essence, ladies and gentlemen, the fact, the math, the reality does not deceive and they all point to what this blog and my constant ramblings tell you; we are so majestically fucked it’s on levels of astronomical measurements. We cannot be in a recovery, it’s an impossibility. The only thing that can truly save you, us, the world, is if you get mad enough and make use of that angry feeling I hope you have or soon will get. We are going to have a financial meltdown and a long lasting depression, nothing can stop that now, but you, the people, can stop it from lasting forever and see to it that it never happens again.


  1. Well spoken, spot on!


  2. Just want to ad a pointer - the coming energy crisis. Even with the slightly falling demand we will probably see a crunch in the energy markets as oil supply starts falling. So just in time to smack away any last hope of recovery if that would start to happen in 5-10 years.

    Some Libertarians seem to think Peak Oil is just a scam to be able to impose a CO2-tax. What do you think about this "event"?