Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When people lose everything...

Another shooting has occurred in the US where a man walked into a Fitness Center in Bridgeville, Pittsburgh, and entered an all-female dance class and then started shooting people. According to reports several people appeared to be wounded, including the dance-instructor, and four people, so far, has been reported dead and, apparently, the gunman had killed himself.

As I have written before and will say again, this is only the beginning. I have no idea why this stupid thing happened; maybe he heard voices, had just got fired or didn’t like people dancing. Whatever the reason there are two things you can be absolute sure of. Firstly lots of people will call for more gun restrictions and the government with the Obamination as figurehead will take advantage of this and similar events to impose more and more laws, everything arranged to control the populace. Secondly, this is not the first and it most definitely won’t be the last shooting. Or, in other words: “When people lose everything, have nothing left to lose, they loose it”. If you think this is an isolated incident or that it won’t happen in your country or your town, think again. With skyrocketing unemployment, a deep depression and no hope in sight, this will happen many times yet and it do not matter if you have liberal or fascist laws when it comes to guns, people can always get hold of guns no matter what.


  1. Ok so you think that gunds is the same as freedom???

  2. No, I think "GUNS" are a way to secure freedom and it is the right of every man to be able to protect himself.

  3. Well written.
    Intrestingly enough; this sort of thing happens more in gun-restricted states rather than gun liberal ones.
    Perhaps because the criminals knows that the people cant shot back (criminals ALWAYS have illegal guns).

    Same thing with the shooting in Switzerland a couple of years ago, that happened in a "gun free"-zone. And the pattern is the same in the US.

    Of course gun violence occur in liberal states, but not as often as in gun restricted ones.


  4. First they steal our money, then they take away all the guns so that the people have no room for rioting the police. How new is that logic? Oh to secure the situation even more, they sell us death in a flu-shot! I am getting crazy over this facts. Peole in general have to smarten up!

  5. Well, thats the problem isn't? People are not smart enough, or rather they do not care enough to find out. Our riches and comfortable lifestyle is partly to blame, but also the notion of "pfffff..." and lack of intellect. We are getting arse fucked without lub all the time and hardly anyone does anything about it - a part from communists that's never happy about anything less than death camps.

  6. You know what i hear you. It's stupid on how no one is caring anymore in this world. And like i know people that dont beleive the apocalypse is gonna happen well i hear these things i watch the news and, this world isn't gonna get better unless we help. Plus with the possibility of an el nino hitting in winter...that can't be good just in general.