Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Grey matter matters...

Had a bit boring time by my lonesome in front of my PC. Well, I did make the best use of my webcam, as usual, however still kind of bored I started to look for some movie I haven’t seen and I happened to come across a movie called; The Girlfriend Experience. Apparently it was about some girl being a high end prostitute (or “girlfriend” rather). Apparently directed by Steven Soderbergh which I normally detest and if I see that idiot name on a cover of a movie I know it is horrible (yes, even the ocean crappies). And what’s with the freaking surname? Soderbergh? It is spelled Söderbergh or Søderbergh you freak.

Anyhow… I noticed it stared a porn actress; Sasha Grey, so I thought, hey, this might be fun. Most of the porn actresses that goes over to “regular movies” are very horrible and cannot even pull off playing a stupid girl that gets massacred by a 9ft monster. So at least some entertainment with my most hated director and a porno actress playing a prostitute. I should also mention I’m a big connoisseur of porn, I really love porn, but I have never really taken a liking to Sasha other then in a couple of fetish pieces where she is getting spanked and tortured and consequently is very lovable.

Firstly the movie that’s a so so experience, it is watchable and has good acting in general, but hardly more, probably because of that idiot director. However, Sasha is actually great. I got very impressed by her and she is a beautiful and sexy woman. After 10min into the movie I’m not thinking of her getting gangbanged anymore and that says it all. Good stuff and I hope to see her act opposite Brad Pit in the future while Angelina is sitting at home with the kids…

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