Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Honduras won’t bow down

In a press release the temporarly Honduran president Micheletti have declared that Zelaya isn’t welcome back. At least not as long as there is threat about violence and he hangs out with his dictatorial buddies Ortega and Chavez in addition to taking support from FARC. The release also states that the mentioned criminals are breaking the UN-charter, OAS charter and many other international treaties. This is, of course, obvious for anyone knowing what is really going on in Honduras. Hugo Chavez is probably a bit pissed at the moment. He’s getting heat from my fellow countrymen about handing over rocket launchers to the communist guerrilla FARC, fierce critic over some incriminating documents found by Colombian authorities and, of course, the brave and democratic loving Honduras that refuse to do as they are told. The Venezuelan economy is starting to deteriorate and - for the first time - western media is complaining over Chavez tyrant ways because he closed down and threatened several radio-stations in his country. In other words the plump obese dictator in Caracas is sweating over more than his bodily mass.

But the question still remains when EU’s member states, the US and other countries will start to support the Honduran democratic system? Come on people! Why won’t our politicians support democracy and freedom? This is a serious situation and I urge you all out there to really put it to your representative and ask why the hell he/she does not want democracy in Honduras.


  1. In response to Johan Norberg and his speech yesterday “HANDS OFF VENEZUELA, HUGO!”

    NOW my question to the master and paid propagadist (for an economic system which collapsed after all) is:
    Can you send radio or TV in Sweden without a permit? Can you send the radio or TV without the publisher? Could Swedes defame someone without penalty? Is not there something in Sweden called Psychological Defense who oversees what is disseminated in the media? Is there not in Sweden rules say that if a media disseminates false or incorrect information must be the media company to correct the mistake as soon as public? Is not there a proposal to censor the Internet in the European Parliament? (by fabricated laws that will give operators the DARE SAY a number of web sites you may subscribe to the so-called Telecom Packet) and there are no laws in Sweden (and certainly without support in law) to intercept the citizens. Is it in Sweden allowed agitating people to violently overthrow the elected and constitutional government? Is it allowed in any country in the OECD to make any of those things? The answer is that everyone knows NO. But the propaganda, paid and voluntary useful idiots, hypocrites, and right fanatic (even though their economic neoliberal system collapsed) continue to disseminate their views. But of course this is about Venezuela. A country that the West would like to continue to see without laws, without order, without rules. why? Maybe then the foreign miscreants act completely free. The freedom they seek and, if necessary, for by force of arms. This is not new. England bombed China apart and together in the name of free trade. The Chinese would indeed buy the English opium. And so it is today also. Maybe do you think people around the world do not see this? Maybe they do … or maybe start them slowly notice that all the talk does not match the actual behavior. Venezuela exporting less oil today than ten years ago, says in Newsweek in July and it is not good or? But no one says it did not play the role of all money ended up in foreign companies pockets! What plays the role of the Venezuelans? and why would something that is in the land belonging to a foreigner? What is sovereignty? Not the United States refused to sell to China some installations it regarded as strategic (The Chinese wanted to test that with free trade and received a reply). But Venezuela is a country that you should plunder. Or? Can you tell me if it is allowed to broadcast radio without having a valid permit from the authorities in Sweden? No, just the small but Venezuela must allow the miscreants at any time, also with foreign financing to start or operate a radio or television channel. Venezuela is a country that is doing better without rules or perhaps better said foreigners who want to take it feel better for it. Note also writings about Venezuela’s’ big upprusning “If you look at the military spending in Latin America is Venezuela on the type 4-5 place despite the fact that their GDP is the second largest in South America, but nobody writes about tea Chile buy almost double as much weapons Torts that their economy is just one-fifth of Venezuela, but it clearly Venezuela buying from Russians (who had also begin to believe that with free trade) and not from the U.S., and probably not from Sweden or to Swedish weapons ended up with the guerrillas in the neighboring country (actually contacted the U.S. Sweden is already a few years ago and asked Sweden not to sell arms to Venezuela, more specific Bamse system). Of course, there is no black market in arms and if it did exist, the Swedish company never participate in such illegal business right? Hehe.

    JUst pasted couse I had not time to every propagandist out there

  2. Not really a response to my post, but I let it be since it contribute to the debate and shows how strange lefties "think".

    Firstly; neoliberal? Please, there isn’t a libertarian in this world that is not completely opposed towards the entire system that is totally overrun by socialist and fascists. Who has been warning about the economic collapse for years? That’s right, libertarians. Which ideology is farthest away from what we see and are going towards? That’s right, libertarianism. As long as you people refuse to admit this and write crap about today’s deeply socialized economic system, nothing you say or write can ever be taken seriously.

    And then you avoid every single piece that you should address. Like Chavez dictatorship, the harassment and murders of oppositional politicians and how he founds terrorist groups and other dictators. You do not talk about how the Venezuelan economy is going down and have been doing so since Hugo got into office. You do not mention the fact that he has expropriated and wasted recourses only matched by other dictators in history. You ignore the constant warmongering and so on and so on. This is classic socialist argumentation, ignoring all the things that is bad and then write things about something that you have completely turn around 180 degrees into something it’s not. It never fails; you guys always do this because you have no argument.

    And while focusing on the dictator Chavez, defending him, like your predecessors defended Stalin, Mao and other mass murderers, you ignore the main issue of Honduras and their democratic government standing against the dictator wannabe Zelaya. Why is that? Oh, that’s right, you like dictatorship and totalitarianism…

  3. Excellent take on the Honduras situation. As a fellow liberatarian, of the Objectivist flavor, living in Honduras I can tell you that both the solution to the problem of the so called "neoliberal oligarchies" is NOT a socialist political oligarchy like the one in Venezuela that allows those with pull in the Government toline their pockets as much as the so called "oligarchies".

    I wouldn't called the status quo in Latin America fascism. Its more like a Feudal System with the facade of true free market capitalism. I wish we were capitalists. We wouldn't be in the mess we are in.

    The problem for most people with capitalism is that it requires a degree of self reliance and personal responsability that they are unwilling to take.

    And I love Sverige right back.