Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hell just got a bit colder

To no surprise Chavez is claiming that the rocket launchers Sweden sold to Venezuela was stolen from him. He does not know how they got into the hands of his friends in the communist FARC guerrilla. On a related note; another flying pig was spotted over Greenland this morning making the total count 23 since Tuesday.

The dictator has now convinced us that he’s completely innocent and next he will turn water into wine. A very farfetched guess is that he will show "proof" of this... all the while, those pigs keep flying by...

Chavez is also refusing to import Colombian trucks. How will the world be able to go on? Maybe this fatty dictator will start a war after all. I thought he didn't have the guts, but now I'm hoping he actually does. A war would be great entertainment and it would increase oil prices. Go Hugo, Go!


  1. well he is a better dictator then the fascist that ruled the country before, and will rule if chavez is removed. atleast he takes care of the poor in his country compared to them, and every society should be judged by how they treat their poor.

  2. Before? You mean when they had a constitution, free elections, free media and a so so market economy? Sure, Venezuela, as many other countries in the region have had their share of fascist/socialist dictators, but thats the past, not the present.

    Take care of the poor? Yeah... right, just like Stalin and Pol Pot did. Chavez haven't developed his own death camps yet, but they will pop up soon enough.

    A society should be judge on how democratic and free it is. The poor, as well as everyone else, will benefit ro suffer from such realities. According to your "argument" we can torture and kill everyone as long as the "poor" are alright. That is a highly stupid notion.

    Also, who is really "poor"? Do we use the American, the Swedish or the UN definition? And do we count loans into who is poor? And poor in relative to what? you? Me? The entire concept is pretty useless.

  3. Well according to your argument: "A society should be judge on how democratic and free it is." then as long as the citizens can vote and there is "freedom" everything is ok.
    Democracy is not a silver bullet that will solve all our problems. We firstly need to feed the hungry in this world. Unfortunatly, freedom comes secondly after economic stability.

    Look at how China is doing now. Their GDP has multiplied by a factor of around 6000 in the lastest 20 years. And my oppinion is that most chinese are very happy with their current situation. It is only the media in the west which still complain about freedom of speach not present.

    ps. Like your blog very much. Keep up the good work. ds.

  4. You are clealy an idiot too!

  5. and Boing!!!! that's when the arguments ran out.

  6. It's funny how destroying the economy can be likened to helping the poor. In a recent study, Venezuelans were found to believe they were faring better than their neighbours, yet they were also found to be the least able to pay their bills.

  7. Sebastian:
    Yes, democratic and fee, which has very little to do with voting. But you are right, democracy in it self (especially if we talk “voting”) is not the universal fix, it is a part of it, but not everything. But you miss the point, you cannot have economic stability or growth without freedom. The less free a country is, the less economic space exists. The less democratic a country is, the less money is available. So if you wanna spread the wealth, you need a high level of freedom and democracy, otherwise there is no wealth to spread around. However, the next step is also true; if a country is very free and have a very high level of liberty, it automatically means that the “poor” goes down in numbers and have much easier to find jobs and much easier to not be poor anymore.

    And yes, let’s look at China. You are right (even if your numbers are wrong…), during the latest two, or so, decades China has lifted hundreds of millions of people from poverty and how come? Because they stopped with the extreme socialism that ruled the economy. Looking at the economy solely, it is almost capitalistic today, with low taxes and such. Sure, most of the biggest companies are still governments, but their economy is probably freer then, oh lets say, Sweden’s. However, China has still a communistic ideology on almost all other areas with no freedom. Also, China need to be compared to the rest of the world, not the ultimate alternative, hence there is lots to be desired.

  8. Anonymous 1:
    All people are idiots; there is just a matter of perception and comparison. If I compare myself to you, I would probably be regarded as a genius, but that’s not really something I am.

  9. None_Of_Your_BuissnessAugust 6, 2009 at 5:51 AM

    I fully understand why many of you hate chevez. I meen how can this man come and actually do what he promis during the election.....
    No we can't have that or any day voters in other countries will start to demand that politicians in their country do the same. I meen gosh, what would the world be like then? More for the many voters and less for the rich and powerfull. Nah he has to go....

    Or so I think most of you that write so much against Chevez think. After all, we definitly don't have more democracy here in westen countries then Venezuela. :p