Sunday, August 16, 2009

War emminent

The dictator Hugo Chavez continues his scheme to antagonize Columbia, now apparently arrested 30+ Columbian citizens as they waited to get identification cards that are regularly distributed by the consulate. Consul Maria Elvira Cabello told the Globovision television channel that between 20 and 30 Colombians, including an official from Colombia's diplomatic mission, were held at a police station for several hours before being released. Police also took computers belonging to the consulate and passports from some of those detained, she said. Cabello also stated: "This took us by surprise because it's a frequent endeavor that we undertake every month,"

This is not a normal action taken from one country towards another. While the Venezuelan economy deteriorates more and more, the leftie autocracy will probably have no choice. Socialism cannot create value, only distribute it, so when the wealth’s goes down, the dictator and his cronies will have no choice other than to start a war to keep the populace busy with other concerns. This will happen sooner or later so why not during the beginning of this depression? I really starting to like Chavez, he is showing the world what socialism is. Not that we really need to know, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and all the others have already done that, but most people seem to have forgot already so another dictator showing his true bloodlust is a good thing.


  1. What fuck are you doing !! Read my blog instead..maybe you can save something from the neoliberal colapse!! Viva Chavez!

  2. The collaps of statism have alredy gone over towards pure socialism and fascism. Chavez is a dictator and should be handled as such. The world goes faster towards idiocy and people like you are behind it.