Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fascism keep growing in the US

Violence erupted at a townhall meeting hosted by North Carolina congressman David Price, after a protester was punched in the face for voicing his opposition to proposed changes to health care coverage in America.

Not a single time the right have started fights, the Obaminations supporters, however, have started trouble on several occasions already. This is not an isolated incident. Media, however, only keep reporting about conservatives and "right-wing" people with swastikas. Lefties are gaining ground and fascism is growing.

The assault took place at the end of an opening speech Congressman Price at North Carolina Central University in Durham. Eyewitnesses of the assault say claim the assailant was an African-American woman who openly supported Obama.

People who went to the meeting sponsored by SEANC, the South’s leading employee union with 55,000 members, say it was highly scripted and was more of a presentation than an actual townhall meeting. Union-run Security banned any anti-health-care reform posters while allowing Democrats to distribute leaflets promoting Barack Obama.

As security officials took away the assailant, Democrat Party supporters mocked the victim, asking him, “do you have health care?”. The victim, who wishes not to be identified, is pressing charges against his attacker.

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