Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bring home the troops

For some strange reason Sweden have soldiers in Afghanistan. Partly helping Nato (US) with their hunt for Usama Bin Laden that allegedly was behind the 9/11 attack although no proof of this have even been shown, and partly they are there in order to help the Afghan people and support the “democratic” government fend of the Taliban’s. Even if this can be explained from some kind of “humanitarian” viewpoint it then becomes very strange that there aren’t a Swedish involvement in Venezuela, helping that populace fends of the socialist dictatorship. And how about Ukraine? Tibet? Zimbabwe? And if we are there to protect females, how about Saudi Arabia? Iran? The number of conflicts and people suffering in this world are near endless.

Besides, there is a very simple solution in Afghanistan: legalize drugs. Almost all income the Taliban has comes from trading drugs. If drugs where legal in our part of the world (we who mainly buys the Taliban drugs) the prices would go down, normal people could start their own agricultural experiments and most (all) income the Taliban’s have would disappear.

It is very hard to see any real reason for Swedish tax payers to pay for this stupidity. Sure the Swedish troops, along with others, will help one or two, but in the long run will it make a difference? The biggest and badest army and intelligence forces of the world cannot, for some reason, find the people they are looking for and looses in human life in a foreign land seems highly unnecessary. And, as mentioned, if this notion of righteousness is so fantastic, there are a lot of places we should be sending troops, and are we really that much better? How good is our own country with bankers earning billions with taxpayers paying the bill, with fascist laws being formed regarding the free media and politicians everywhere imposing new restrictions every day? Rationally speaking there is no reason for us being there, and humanitarianly speaking it is questionable.

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