Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One movie U need to see this fall

Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama (Trailer)


  1. Even thou I am on the socialist side of this mess and you seem to be more one the Libertarian side, we have (as you have noted) a heck of a lot in common when it comes to the critique.

    I am my self a sweede, born and raised in Dalarna. I have started to put more energy in to securing our small farm, getting wind power, food production and some other things going, just in case. I know you say you have this island to run to but seriously, what do you and others that are on the same track as us do to get prepared? Are you selling all your stocks, planting potatoes, moving to Gotland(!?) our what? Just interested in hearing about others who, like me see coming shocks and not seeing the green shoots.

    //Tom Joad

  2. Well, there is still time to prepare so mainly I try to work of as much debt as possible. Have a bank loan I was stupid enough to take so basically half the money I get over after bills goes to pay of that loan. I also invest the little money I can spare in gold. No Stocks! Oh, never such stupidity. Secondly I’m trying to find that place where I can settle down and with a bit of soil can grow much of what is needed, so your suggestion what to do is a very good one, just make sure you also have access to fire-wood. Thirdly I’m trying to get my family to do the same and have succeeded so so with that task. Lastly I’m trying to secure my wellbeing as much as possible, this blog being the exception since these writings won’t really put me on any elitist x-mas list. But I will, sooner or later, abandon this blog and whenever I’m not writing anymore I have either “disappeared” or moved somewhere without internet. I would guess there is about half a year left to prepare, there may even be as much as two years as absolute maximum, but I will be gone before that. Will probably stop writing somewhere around December, it depends. I believe the real crash come the 1Q next year, maybe earlier if another war breaks out, maybe later if people can be tricked longer.