Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lies, lies, lies and a murderess

Today (or yesterday if you not live in Sweden where you consequently read translated stuff from English papers) it’s announced in several newspapers that Honduras interim government promises that there will be an election in November. This is, of course, very old news; the current establishment have been saying that from the very start. Throwing out the dictator wannabe Manuel Zelaya was according to the constitution and consequently a democratic move and already back then the parliament and the temporarily leader, Roberto Micheletti, announced that the coming election would be held and a new government to be chosen. The only reason our journalists write this crap now and in the way they do it, is to further throw suspicions over the peace loving Honduran people. It’s disgusting to see and read. How can journalists get away with not only ignoring their jobs, but in actuality hide and cover the actual facts?

We can also read that American households are getting more optimistic. This is taken as a good sign by our lovable journalists, further spreading the lie that the recession is easing off. However, if one actually read the report things look a bit different. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index stands, according to the report, at 54.1 (1985=100), up from 47.4 in July. The Present Situation Index improved somewhat to 24.9 from 23.3 last month. This is what the idiots refer to, but looking inside the report (you can find it here) you notice that the amount of consumers expecting an increase in their incomes is only 10.6 percent. Slightly up, but is that really a sign of confidence? 10.6%? Wait, it gets better. The Richmond manufacturing index was expected to rise to 16 from 14, but didn't - it instead remain unchanged. You don’t need to be an economist to understand the implication of this fact. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, these increases all comes from the current “easing off” or “halting” of the depression. Since this temporarily “stop” is because of humongous government spending and the fictively low interest rates both which either is due to end or need further boosting (more bail-outs and stimulus). If it were to end now it would mean that it would totally wipe out the slight positivism shown in this report. In fact, the actual numbers, without the trickery, would in all likelihood be lower than before. All in all this is just another example of horrible bad journalism.

In a editorial article in one of Sweden’s leading papers, meant to be a contribution to the debate about road-taxation, a couple of inbred three hugging freaks argues that the Swedish governments suggestion not really saves the environment since the money is mainly meant to be spent to improve existing roads or build new roads. Both these groupings are, of course, lying. The whole thing is about taxation, period. The government knows it cannot increase regular taxation to pay for this scam and since the money being stolen through normal taxation needs to go to useful projects like art students pretending to be mad, government jets, fish-cultivation in the Baltic and increased wages for elected frauds; it does not leave enough money to cover something like new roads. Consequently this is just another way to bring in money to the treasury and has nothing whatsoever to do with the environment. But the biggest lie is the scaremongering madness they use as argument, namely manmade global warming - the biggest hoax there is of which there is not one single fact or scientific evidence for. The entire debate is subsequently pointless, but they got to be in the paper at least, good for them.

And finally, Annika Östberg seems to be close to getting released. This woman helped murder a couple of people in California and was turned over to Swedish authorities earlier this year. And, of course, the Swedish so called justice-system is about to let her out. It might be a good thing that the government have another person to throw welfare at, it would increase GDP slightly, but it is hard to call this anything else than murderess-import. Why should the Swedish tax payers pay for the trip, the temporarily incarceration and now, most likely, her rehabilitation and welfare? It makes no sense. She should have been left rotting in a Californian prison cell, but rationality isn’t on the agenda. Maybe her 28 years so far is enough and maybe she can contribute in some way, if so kudos to her, but this seems like just another mad scheme from the oppressive class.

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