Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fantastic for china

Typhoon Morakot has made the Chinese government to move some 473,000 residents of Zhejiang province, as well as 480,000 from Fujian getting evacuated. In Fuzhou, people have been rushing to supermarkets to stock up on provisions ahead of the typhoon's arrival.

Morakot dumped 250cm of rain on Taiwan as it crossed the island before heading for China, leaving some of the worst flooding to hit some of the southern counties in half a century. The Typhoon has also contributed to heavy rains in the Philippines, where at least 10 people were killed in flooding and landslides.

All of this is, of course, fantastic news for the entire region. Everyone should rejoice because every injured person, every destroyed crop and every smashed boat will help the poor get richer, at least according to every cornflake economist in this world. Not only are people stockpiling goods and in need of relocation, all of which costs money and resources, also building will get destroyed, cars will tip over, and windows will brake and so on. And the consequence of this is higher GDP! China has got a free stimulus package from nature! Although Typhoons or nature in general cannot bail out failing companies or print phantom money, what we are seeing is still an enormous plus in the Chinese bookkeeping since we all know that GDP is the best thing there is to measure wealth with…

The only thing I’m waiting for now is some pseudo scientist mumbling something about man-made global warming and a couple of brain-dead journalists saying we need to drive fewer cars.

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