Sunday, August 9, 2009

Any heroes left in the world?

The American congress has grown a tad fearful of the citizens. Rather than facing their constituents back home during the summer recess, many Congressmen and Senators have canceled town hall meetings and decided instead to remain hidden. And many of those that have dared faced the voters have been booed of the staged or been ridiculed as they tried to stay. And this is not only for democrats, no, also republicans have been facing a lot of anger and outrage. Together with the recent tea parties, forming of bigger and new militia groups and other similar things this brings a tiny cloud of hope glimmering on the other side of the Atlantic. So far the outrage is a non-violent one. But how long with that last? I hope it will be just a matter of days before the first congressman or the first governor gets literary thrown out on his/her ass. I hope that the next mass shooting from some disgruntle postal worker or angry man that lost his job will be inside the capital building or at an Obamination rally. I'm amazed we haven't seen US citizens out in the streets with pitchforks and torches long ago because in contrast to us Europeans, the Americans have something they can point at, something to support their rebellion in; the constitution. And remember, the American Revolution 1775 to 1783 started as taxation and freedom from the state kind of a thing and that memory is still kept alive in the hearts of most US citizens.

I still have a slim hope that the US of A can withhold the legacy of their founding fathers and throw out all the fascists and socialists that rule Washington. All of them, not just democrats or the Obamination - they are just the latest in a long line of traitors. The entire system must be overturned and the constitution needs to come back as the guiding star. That is the only hope I can see in the world today because no other country have that ground, that foundation and that history.

The worst thing the resent decades have done to us is made us complacent. We have lived to good lives - living on what former generations produced - so we do not react when civil and political freedoms are diminished. We can still sit comfortable in our chairs without fearing famine while watching journalists trying to indoctrinate us. And this is the problem. Please believe me, sooner or later you will not be able to walk over to that fridge and pick out a cold beer anymore, because either you won’t own a home or you will not have the income to get food and beverages on the table.

It is time to rebel. It does not need to be a violent one, at least not yet. What we need to do is to refuse to pay taxes, refuse to obey stupid internet laws and refuse to submit to all that crap the enemy class throws at us. We need more people willing to go to jail, get beaten up by police and ridiculed by the left wing media. We need heroes. So the real question is; are there any heroes left in the world?

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  1. I'm no hero, I am scum, lowest of the low. but I'd follow anyway if I saw the rally