Sunday, August 9, 2009

And the sun rises in the East...

Apparently an unpublished report is telling us that 25% of Sweden’s local politicians are willing to support a local business even if it means breaking the law. According to the same “survey” about 33% of the same politicians believe they would say yes if a company treated them to a whole day of drinking and feasting.

I believe this little report is wrong and I would argue that the numbers are much higher than this.

Firstly, these kinds of “revelations” shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Just listen to a local debate about whether or not a new mall or supermarket should be allowed to establish and you realize that those 25% is a very low number. And of course they will give privileges to local companies wherein they might know the owner and/or several workers.

Secondly, these numbers are totally dependent on “what company” we are talking about. If the question is asked regarding Philip Morris for instance, hardly a single politician would comply (rather not dare to – think of the uproar in media). If it, however, is some “save the nature” company or an organisation that is out to save females from rapists, every one of our elected frauds would eat, drink and even take bribes without even blinking. It will also depend on size of the company – the more jobs, the better. There are so many factors to be counted into a study like this that it’s almost impossible to come to any conclusions. So even if I applaud media for revealing politicians for the deceitful bastards they are, I hardly regard this as news. The system is totally messed up and this is just one of many strange things that comes with it.

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