Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monkey Business

A dying, decaying and over the top movie industry is announcing they are going to bring the Piratebay to court again. Well, this might be interested from certain angles. The last time around an entire generation learned that the Swedish juridical system have lots of bias judges, that those at Swedish courthouses have no knowledge in the technology and how those in power fraternize together and use fascist laws to impose fascist regulations. Of course millions from the so called entertainment industry changed hands last time, journalists haven’t really taken notice though. This time around it might not even go to court since the claims and demands are different. I hope it does though, maybe this time journalists can do their job when they know that we from the free media is watching. However, all this is in complete vain and they know it. I do not know how many free sites that shows movies, sports and TV-shows that exists in cyberspace but the amount is plentiful enough. There is nothing you cannot see, download or listen to, it is all out there. They can keep suing people until judgement day (a day not so far off…) and in the end all they will accomplish is to alienate an entire generation, get some good people thrown in jail and getting settlements that no one can or will pay.

One can always take comfort in knowing that those dinosaurs are a dying breed. Most likely the future of movies and quite possible all forms of culture will be developed and created within and during concepts that will work something like this: IRON SKY

The only tincy wincy wee problem, however, is that pesky depression we are just seeing emerging from the depths of the printing press hell where the enemy class rule supreme. This together with all those fascists’ laws might have a serious impact on many things, also the Internet. But all in all we have fun times ahead, riots, youngsters in jail, food lines, wars and governments everywhere controlling and surveillance everything. Yapp, fun fun fun…

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