Monday, July 27, 2009

Are gay’s more stupid then the rest?

During this time of year there are lots of pride parades going through one city after the other. For some reason gay, bi- and transsexual individuals feel the urge to flaunt their lack of inhibitions and walk down the street wearing muumuu’s singing some happy tunes. Sure, being a semi-alcoholic myself and being no stranger to perversions or the occasional drug intake while shaking some pom-poms around, I sort of get the concept. However, the entire spectacle has become nothing more than a parade of loathsome political correctness.

Every year the floating wave of pastels and naked flesh becomes longer and bigger, why? Size matters? Well, yes it does, but mainly because more people join in - but are those people gay/bi/trans people? To some extent yes, there are gay police, bisexual nurses, horse jumping transvestites and countless other groups. But mainly I would argue that this new in-take is political groups taking advantage of the situation. All the PC political parties have representatives lulling around and when we add in several environmental groups, feminists, unions and many others and we have political circus, and not a festivity as is should be. The mainstream media is, of course, putting up those rainbow flags on their sites and promoting the pride thingy. And with the exception for some Nazi-freaks (that hardly can form a coherent sentence) looming around waiting to get one gay lonesome to do some bashing, no one dares to speak up against this collection of inoffensive, non-discriminatory and highly drug-crazed people. Any clergyman opposing gay marriage is a reactionary fool, any non-gay people feeling this parade is over the top and unnecessary is homophobic, any political party not participating is anti-gay, and if you, Allah forbid, happen to say no to an parade invitation from your football or Hockey club you will be crucified by the media and no gay couple will ever again spend their pink money watching your games. In the meanwhile communists and openly fascist movements like AFA goes happily along within the parade like the Gulag never happend.

All of this has gone too far. Not only are the gay/bi/trans community being hijacked by political interest groups competing for their votes and support, it has also started to affect organisational- and religious rights. If some church doesn’t wanna marry people of the same gender, they are; of course, in their full right not do so. And why does every large organization need to have a little sub-grouping of gay people? Wtf? Isn’t the point of letting people be however they are to NOT having any special groupings? Should every big car-company have sub-groups with only blue eyed people? Or why haven’t political parties formed groups of members with size 8 in shoes? All gay/bi/trans morons out there should stop trying to put themselves into a certain folder and stop trying to make themselves into something special- you are humans and idiots, just like the rest of us.

And what about those extra laws the politically correct throws at the gay/bi/trans citizens? Like putting them together with Jews, blacks and other groups under the umbrella of hate-crimes. Cannot hate-crimes be committed towards white middle aged men? Do we really need a certain law to protect certain groups? What’s wrong with the ones we have? And do those extra laws mean that the rest of society has less protection?

But what really pisses me off is that within our mundane existences we cannot joke or trash these groups unless you happen to be a part of ‘em. It isn’t enough that we cannot flip them off for being to intrusive, and it is not enough that they get special laws and can, by their very existence, change organisations and religious institutes, no, hardly anyone can make up perverted tales to make people laugh about these stupidities. You might end up in the hate-crime folder or at least you will be construed as a bigot.

So are gay’s more stupid then “normal” people? No, just as idiotic as the rest of us, but with the additional stupidities that comes with a society that gone to PC. And to you priest/pastor/rabbi ‘s out there that don’t want to marry gay people, you have at least my support.


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  2. There are always more people with clothes on in parade. But they are never on the photos the newspapers print.

    Off course are they only looking for the exhibitionsts. Those people are everywhere. But since it helps to get temporary stardom. Those people are getting worse.

    I am gay, and people like that usually just makes me uncomfortable.

    Let them be freaks, it is after all a democracy.

  3. Kraxpelax:
    Deleted your post because it had nothing whatsoever with this to do and it was more of a add than a posting.

    I think you missed my point, I don't care if people are gay, bi or whatever. Only idiots care about what other idiots love or fucks. What I do care about, however, is the political correctness and complete stupidities that follows in the footsteps of those parades.

  4. And democracy? Haha... since when? I think you better wake up and smell the apocalypse...

  5. Det skulle vara underbart att få se pridefestivalen genomföras i Rosengård.
    Tänk Er Muhammed som " gayikon"
    Samtidigt skulle Rosengårds innevånare ha möjligheten att visa att islam är världens mest toleranta religion.

  6. doublecorona, best suggestion ever... :-)

  7. Den hyperpolitiskt korrekta journalistkåren, politikerna och homofillobbyn, dvs max 5% av befolkningen - deras hysteri kring homosex och könsroller får mig att uppleva "tvång", från deras sida. Snart kommer islam ändå att vara majoritet i Sverige, lika bra att homofilerna letar sig tillbaka till garderoben, för deras egna hälsas skull...

  8. doublecorona:

    Tja, till skillnad från vad du verkar ge vilja säga har jag inget emot själva företeelsen i sig. Det är mera det överdrivet politiskt korrekta som stör mig, det borde verkligen störa det riktiga pride folket också. Deras rörelse såväl som läggning blir ju utnyttjat.

    En av mina äldsta vänner - som också är bög - uttryckte det nog bäst när han sa något i stil med: "När trädkramar, kommunister och poliser går med i pridetåget blir det mycket. När de allra fjolligaste är de som är i fokus blir det ännu värre, men när Hockey-spelare tvingas gå med så slutar jag. Det roliga med Hockey-spelare är ju att de alla ska vara så macho, vilket gör det trevligare när man ber dem att bita i kudden".

  9. The title alone shows just who the stupid one is. There is no apostrophe in "gays" and it should be "than" not "then."


  11. riiiight... been let out of the loony-bin lately?